Superstar or micro-ambassador?

Every year watch brands invest an average of 10 to 20% of their revenue in marketing, a third of which is dedicated to sponsorship.
The latter is considered the marketing tool with the best return on investment.

The american dream is dead

These days, the biggest names win the most acclaim. In this age of globalization, it only seems logical to have ambassadors with international reach. Except that we are seeing a growing need for proximity and accessibility. These untouchable stars don’t capture the imagination as they did before.

The ambassador of the future

Rather than the superstars, we think the future belongs to the micro-ambassadors. Important people on a human scale with a local air. Following this logic, some time ago we launched an appeal for talent among the members of our community. That’s how Nigel Bailly, a young paraplegic racing driver, ended up getting in touch with us. His story moved us, and he became the first CODE41 ambassador.

Nigel Bailly

Racing driver

The first CODE41 ambassador

Nigel is one of those people who keep moving forward and never let even the most tragic of circumstances get in their way.

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