Nigel Bailly

Racing driver

The first CODE41 ambassador

Nigel is one of those people who keep moving forward and never let even the most tragic of circumstances get in their way.
Nigel is driven by adrenaline. He was overwhelmed by the excitement of motor sport, even though he was only 6 when he started motocross. At the age of 14, a fall while competing changed his life radically. A spinal cord injury left him permanently without the use of his legs. But it would take more than this to discourage Nigel; there was no question of giving up on his passion for motor sport.

Courage, passion and determination

After several years of go-karting, and despite his handicap, in 2017 he took on the sizeable challenge of becoming a motor racer and taking part in various championships. But this was just one step among many before one day reaching his ultimate aim: taking part in the 24h of Le Mans and taking on the world’s best drivers. We’ve been following Nigel since 2017, and we’re proud to announce that, after a great deal of relentless work, his dream will become a reality in June 2021, thus proving that nothing is impossible.

« I can’t walk, but once I’m strapped in my racing car I feel ten feet tall. »


You’re already a champion to us!

Nigel, we are with you in this challenge. Not because motor racing as a field is particularly popular with watchmakers, but because your courage, passion and determination are admirable. Regardless of your finishing position (even though we know you’ll do great ;-)), you’re already a champion to us!

« Never give up, fight for your dreams. »


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  1. says:

    My new Anomaly 01 arrived and I must say it has surpassed expectations, there is solid engineering elegance which makes it very tactile. I love the design, a modern classicism that’s so clean and uncluttered. But its not just the sheer aesthetics, it’s the fact it’s manufactured and sourced with such transparency as to leave in doubt where you money is being spent. Genuinely I think this is the most innovative watch company for decades. Congratulations on your heresy and long may it prove how change doesn’t have to undermine the industry.

    • Maurizio
      Maurizio Motter says:

      Dear Steven,

      Thank you for your nice comments. We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying your Anomaly-01. We are even happier to read that you appreciate our transparency and our take on what a watch company could and should be.
      Stay tuned for our future projects. We will announce some big news for the X41 on July 15th 🙂

      Wishing you a lovely day,

  2. Anthony Wilford says:

    I have just received my new Anomaly 1 watch and I am very pleased with it indeed , the watch is built with quality and I love it. The watch itself arrived a day early , which was a nice surprise. I will be watching the website with interest to see what comes next , or perhaps I should invest in the Day 41 model as well , Many Thanks and I love the way the strap fits , genius! – Thanks – Anthony

    • Maurizio
      Maurizio Motter says:

      Dear Anthony,

      Thank you for your message. We are thrilled to see that you are enjoying your watch!
      Stay tuned for upcoming news 🙂

      Wishing you a nice day,

    • Abdel
      Abdel says:

      Hi Martin !
      Thank you so much for you trust !
      That will be a great pleasure to satisfy your desire to own one of our watches.
      Please find all our models under the tab ‘Collections’ on our website !
      Don’t hesitate to send us an email for any further questions !

  3. says:

    BRAVO NIGEL J ARRIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abdel
      Abdel says:

      Bonjour ! Merci pour votre confiance et intérêt !
      Nos bracelets sont interchangeables et vous pourrez y mettre le bracelet de votre choix à condition de respecter la taille de l’entre corne de la montre 🙂

  4. Olivier says:

    Hello Code41,
    Je viens de réserver une Day41 pour ma compagne et je me suis inscrit en liste d’attente pour la prochaine X41. Bien que j’aie passé la main maintenant, à 62 ans, j’ai été un assez bon sportif populaire, surtout parachutiste et hockeyeur. Et je trouve qu’une montre « sport » est belle avec une fonction chronographe. Non pas qu’on l’utilise souvent, mais ça donne de la « gueule » au look de la montre… alors si jamais la nouvelle X41 pouvait en être équipée, ce serait top… merci d’avance! Et longue vie à Code41

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:

      Bonjour Olivier,
      Merci pour votre message et votre commande 🙂
      Nous notons votre désir et essayerons de le proposer dans nos prochains projets.
      Bonne journée!

  5. says:

    Ich bin jetzt schon ein großer Fan von eurer code41 Armbanduhren und liebend gerne würde ich für euch als Mikro Botschafter tätig sein und eure Uhr auf meinen Seiten, meinen Followern vorstellen!
    Sehr würde ich mich über Antwort freuen.

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an CODE41! Leider muss ich Ihnen sagen dass wir zurzeit nach keinen neuen Botschafter suchen. Sie können aber trotzdem eine Email mit Ihrer Geschichte an senden. Wir werden und das gerne ansehen.