It is possible that a watch labelled as ‘Swiss Made’ can be made from components almost entirely manufactured in Asia. We have decided to make our watches in a completely transparent manner, and have therefore created the TTO label, standing for Total Transparency on Origin.


Under the current Law of Swissness, a watch is considered to be ‘Swiss Made’ if:

  1. It features Swiss movement, meaning:
    It was assembled in Switzerland
    It was inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland, and
    At least 50% of the components (in terms of value) were made in Switzerland, excluding the cost of assembly;
  2. Its movement was assembled in Switzerland;
  3. Final inspection of the watch was made by the manufacturer in Switzerland.

It is possible that a watch labelled as ‘Swiss Made’ can be made from components almost entirely manufactured in Asia.


In principle the ‘Swiss Made’ label is a good thing. It aims to protect and promote the Swiss know-how and values seen worldwide as a guarantee of quality. Unfortunately in practice it is a monumental sham which ultimately misleads customers.

Basically, the Law of Swissness means that the majority of entry-level and middle of the range watches which are labelled ‘Swiss Made’ in fact have cases, dials, and bracelets which were manufactured in Asia, and a movement made up of components mostly manufactured abroad.

The law stipulates that at least 50% of the components of the movement (in terms of value) must come from Switzerland; however in terms of the actual number of components rather than the value, the proportion is closer to 20%. For mechanical movements this usually means balance wheels and springs, as well as mainsprings and jewels. The cost of these ‘Swiss Made’ components easily exceeds the legal threshold of 50%.



On January 1st 2017, the new Law of Swissness will make the criteria for being ‘Swiss Made’ stricter. It will stipulate that at least 60% of the production of a watch (in terms of cost, and not just for the movement) must be carried out in Switzerland. It will also require that all engineering and prototyping is carried out in Switzerland.

As far as mechanical watches are concerned this new law will not change much, because the price of a ‘Swiss’ movement and labor costs alone will total the required 60%. In contrast, it will become more complicated for quartz watches. Some of the external components (case, dials, and bracelets) will have to be made in Switzerland in order to meet the requirements of the new law. The irony of it all is that a Swiss Made quartz watch will be more Swiss than a mechanical watch.

Has anyone thought to tell those who have recently purchased a Swiss watch that as of January 1st 2017, it will be a Chinese watch?


Swiss Made watches are renowned and appreciated around the world for their high quality. As we have seen, it is not Swiss manufacturing that makes these pieces unique, as a significant majority of the components comes from Asia. So then what is it?

Switzerland knows how to coordinate Swiss and foreign talent like no other country. It has high standards in terms of quality and aesthetics, and knows how to create heritage and prestigious brands that the whole world wants to be a part of.

Swiss Watchmaking: High quality, strong design and masterfully coordinated international talent.


We will manufacture our watches in a transparent manner. To accomplish this we have created the TTO label: Total Transparency on Origin. A kind of identity card will be attached to each of our watches and made available online. It will feature a very precise indication of each element and operation of the manufacturing process.

A platform has been created to enable anyone to consult the identity card of each model. In actual fact this platform is open to all brands; Swiss, Chinese, or Martian. The only rule is transparency. To be completely honest we do not anticipate a great deal of demand; transparency is not – how can we put it? – very trendy.

All of this is not to say that Swiss Made should be abandoned as a label, rather that it should be explained more clearly. A watch can be labelled TTO and still meet the Swiss Made criteria. We believe that this transparency will strengthen the link between the consumer, who already knows the quality of ‘Swiss’ watches, and Swiss brands.

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  1. Fabrice PIGEON says:

    Joyeux anniversaire à toute l’équipe, et faites bien attention dans les circonstances actuelles.
    J’en suis à ma 2è commande, et si cela continue comme cela, je ne pense vraiment pas que j’en resterai à ce nombre 🙂
    Top qualité, possibilité de payer en 3x (ça serait pas mal en 6x :-)), réponse très rapide.
    Super content d’avoir découvert CODE41
    Je recommande

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:

      Bonjour Fabrice,
      Merci pour votre message et votre soutien!
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  2. DENIS says:

    Quelle belle aventure que je partage (de loin hélas) depuis le début.
    J’ai grand hâte de recevoir en octobre la montre commandée .
    Fèlicitations pour ce beau challange en attendant de le faire, j’èspére pour ce bel objet.
    très cordialement.

    • Jonas says:

      Merci Denis pour votre message et votre soutien !
      Nous avons hâtes de vous livrer votre montre 😉
      Bonne continuation à vous.

  3. Salhi Abdelhak says:

    Un reve de pouvoir acceder a la X 41 dommage qu’on autorise pas des paiement sur 1 ans pour pouvoir acceder au budget si possible je suis preneur sans hesitation .En tout cas merci de donner le moyen de commenter .

    • Jonas says:

      Bonjour Salhi,
      Nous sommes conscients qu’il s’agit d’une certaine somme d’argent.
      Nous proposons des paiements échelonnés pour la X41.
      Soyez attentif à notre newsletter 🙂

  4. Debrun says:

    Félicitations pour votre initiative
    Je me réjouis de connaître vos autres projets et notamment celui de haute qualité en gestation

  5. says:

    Ottima filosofia di trasparenza… Fatelo davvero sono d’accordo con voi…. Vi sto cominciando a seguire con interesse edaaddetto ai lavori scopro una bella novità, complimenti e saluti Daniele