Every year watch brands invest an average of 10 to 20% of their revenue in marketing, a third of which is dedicated to sponsorship. The latter is considered the marketing tool with the best return on investment. A movie star like Brad Pitt or a tennis champion like Roger Federer can easily set you back 1 million a year.


These days, the biggest names win the most acclaim. In this age of globalization, it only seems logical to have ambassadors with international reach. Except that we are seeing a growing need for proximity and accessibility. These untouchable stars don’t capture the imagination as they did before.


We believe that micro-ambassadors are the future; more so than any superstar. Local characters with a human talent. Following this reasoning, last October we called upon the talent of the members of our community. That was when Nigel Bailly, a young 27 year old Belgian, contacted us. Here is his story.



Nigel is one of those people who keep moving forward and never let even the most tragic of circumstances get in their way.

Nigel is driven by adrenaline. He was overwhelmed by the excitement of motor sport, even though he was only 6 when he started motocross. At the age of 14, a fall while competing changed his life radically. A spinal cord injury left him permanently without the use of his legs. But it would take more than this to discourage Nigel; there was no question of giving up on his passion for motor sport.


Following several years of karting, Nigel has now taken on a new challenge by participating in the Belgian BGDC motor racing championship, which begins on April 15th, 2017. Another step towards one day reaching his ultimate goal: taking part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and competing with the world’s best racing drivers.

« I can’t walk, but once I’m strapped in my racing car I feel ten feet tall. »
Nigel Bailly


Nigel, we are with you in this challenge. Not because motor racing as a field is particularly popular with watchmakers, but because your courage, passion and determination are admirable. Regardless of your finishing position (even though we know you’ll do great ;-)), you’re already a champion to us!

« Never give up, fight for your dreams. »
Nigel Bailly


Do you have story to tell or a special talent to show off? Do you know a larger than life character? Then get in touch.

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  1. says:

    I may buy one of your watches. they’re just cool enough for a veteran pilot and systems engineer to be seen wearing in a cockpit or a test lab.

  2. Rouge Philippe says:

    Je viens de recevoir la montre commandée fin août 2017, Anomaly Steel/Silver Dial
    Celle-ci est très belle et correspond à mon attente.
    Je m’apprête à en commander une seconde, Anomaly Steel/Black dial.
    Il vous reste à améliorer votre logistique car je n’ai pas reçu le bracelet que j’avais commandé.
    Un petit couac et c’est dommage!
    Ceci dit, je suis certain que nous allons trouvé une solution.
    Bon courage pour la suite.

    • Jéremie says:

      Bonjour Philippe,
      merci pour votre commentaire, et heureux que votre montre CODE41 vous plaise 🙂 Nous sommes désolés pour les soucis logistiques, nous travaillons dur pour optimiser les délais, ainsi que la fiabilité des livraisons ! Nous avons pour ce faire accueilli Pierre au sein de notre équipe, qui va s’occuper à temps plein de la logistique. Les dernières infos sur notre projet ici 😉

  3. Tarik Aitsiselmi says:

    Hi there
    That’s what I was looking for! A great example of responsible business « equitable » as we would put it in French and cooperative. Being an orthopaedic surgeon I am sensitive to objects design (namely articular implants) and people who have to put their faith into our hands, and for us the obligation of honest information and balanced pricing. Our network is our patients: people not just customers ! That’s the way I like it, that’s the way Code 41 does it. Bravo!

  4. Nigel BAILLY says:

    Je tiens à vous remercier pour ces commentaires très sympathiques.

    CODE 41 est avant tout un monde à part: la qualité des montres (et je sais de quoi je parle, car cela fait 6 mois que j’en porte une) est incroyable!! Sachez que Claudio & Co, sont de réels pro du secteur horloger et travaillent d’arrache pied pour nous proposer des produits de qualité, à prix très abordables!

    CODE 41 a cru en moi, en mon projet, et je les remercie grandement. Les deux aventures évoluent. En effet, je serai en test officiel le 13 septembre au Mans et ce, pour intégrer le filière de Frédércic Sausset afin de participer notamment, aux 24h du Mans 2020… Affaire à suivre.

    Encore merci à vous.

  5. Favre-Félix David says:

    Je découvre la marque CODE 41. J’aime bien le design de vos montres. En plus les prix sont tout à fait raisonnables. Bravo pour votre travail de passionnés. Comme disait Musset frappe toi sur le cœur c’est la qu’est le génie.