Companies like Airbnb and Uber show us just how powerful the collaborative economy is, and we believe that this phenomenon is only going to grow stronger. You’ve been at the center of our project since the very beginning, and now we’d like to get you even more involved and to share our success with you.


What if you could earn money by wearing your favorite watch and speaking about your passion? Wouldn’t that be cool? In a few days you will receive a personalized code in your account, which you will be able to share with your family and friends by email, on your social networks, or simply in conversation. If one of your contacts places an order, you will be entitled to a commission of up to 20% depending on your status.


Sponsorship programs are already widespread on the Internet, but still remain very much virtual. This is why we have included member’s cards with each watch. That way, it will be easy for you to spread the word to anyone who might take a liking to your beautiful CODE41 watch ;-). Thanks to you, your new friend will enjoy a 10% discount on their first purchase. As for you, you will get your commission.

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One of the main problems with online sales is not being able to touch or try the watch before buying it. This is why we are going to develop an application that will allow a potential buyer to meet the owner of a watch and try it. Like this, the buyer will be able to order their watch in full confidence, and the sponsor will get their commission.
Of course, for such a system to work, we need a certain number of watches to have already been delivered. This is why we are thinking of activating this function in the first quarter of 2018.

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Cast your vote below and leave a comment at the bottom of the page..

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Another way of overcoming the virtual barrier could be to rely on our large community to organize CODE41s meet-ups of between 1 and 10 people. The collection would be displayed in its entirety and those invited could try and order their watch directly. It would then be delivered to them within 2 days.

The ambassador would have to pay a deposit for the display batch, but would receive a nice commission on any sales they generate.

That would be a chance to go down a little more in history. If you are interested in taking part in such a project, contact us here ASAP.

The implementation of such a system takes a bit of time, but we’d like to know your opinion now. So, what do you think?

So what do you think?

Yes, I think it’s a good idea
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Yes, I think it’s a good idea and I would like to become an ambassador
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No, I don’t see the point
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  1. Jean Baptiste Barthélemy says:

    Les détaillants ne sont pas mort, nous avons besoin d’avoir à proximité de chez soi un détaillant sympa et dynamique qui saura promouvoir ses produits et réparer ou entretenir nos montres.

    • Claudio says:

      Vous êtes deja dans le prochain chapitres 🙂 nous parlerons des détaillants dans 1 mois. Les détaillants ne sont pas morts mais il va falloir revoir quelques trucs selon nous.

  2. Chevolleau says:

    Revoir vos délais approvisionnement ,et disponibilités !!!!! besoin de voir la montre impératif pour le premier achat ..
    le modèle qui m’interresse en rupture de stock , mais de toute façon je ne peux pas acheter une montre avec une image écran !!!!!! amateur de montres (une quinzaine d’achats ) chez bijoutier ou corner grand magasin ….
    bien a vous

    • Livaille says:

      N’achetez pas cette montre, juste un bout de leur projet de leur créativité et leur enthousiasme. Pour des montres pas cher et sans histoire avec un délai de livraison en un jour y a Amazon

      • Philmaillard7@gmail.com says:

        Enthousiasme risque pour les start-up et pourquoi toujours Amazon? Vive les grands coup de pieds dans les systèmes établis…

    • Claudio says:

      Nous allons voir le sujet des détaillants dans le prochain chapitres. Mais La vente online est tout à fait viable surtout en proposant une livraison gratuite et un droit de retour, le client a très peu de risque.

  3. marceldable@hotmail.fr says:

    Votre invention donne l’occasion à tous ceux qui ne pouvaient acquérir financièrement la mythique Watches de pouvoir désormais le faire et toutes vos suggestions et propositions me paraissent convenable

  4. Franck says:

    Nice, I would be quite intereste in being an ambassador, I think my network could be very iterested by you beautiful watches and wonderful concept!