2019 in review

It’s appraisal time! 2019 was a year full of success stories, especially thanks to you! Let’s take a moment now to sit back, relax and take a closer look at the successes we accomplished together last year.

The key figures

Success n°1: democratizing Fine Watchmaking

The creation of a Fine Watchmaking movement is quintessential for fans of mechanical beauty. Until recently, this pleasure was reserved for only the wealthiest, but in 2019 we changed all that. 1,150 pieces sold for a total of almost 5.4 million CHF, international press coverage, and starry-eyed Fine Watchmaking enthusiasts. For CODE41, it’s simply priceless. The X41 deliveries started at the end of December 2019, here is the video of the 2 happy members who had their X41 delivered personally: 

Success n°2: 158,000 new members in 2019

We’ve crossed the symbolic threshold of 300,000 members in the CODE41 community, an incredible achievement for us, considering that in 2016 we were barely at 15,000! We now have 300,212 CODE41 members, all lovers of mechanical beauty. Here’s a brief geographical breakdown:
  • Members in France: 94000
  • Members in Switzerland: 28590
  • Members in Germany: 19112
  • Members in the Netherlands: 18776
  • Members in Belgium: 13230
  • Members in the USA: 3973
  • Members in the Vatican: 2
  • Members in the Rest of the World: 151119
More than 300 people also came to visit us during the X41 events this year! Starry-eyed.

Success n°3: launch of the DAY41 project

We finally launched our women’s watch project last June. The DAY41 project is extra special for us, because it’s the result of the direct impetus of the community, who had been “suggesting” it for a while. The design of the DAY41 is rare for a women’s watch, and pre-orders open in just a few days.

A new Swiss watchmaking scene sees the light of day

3 years ago, right back at the start, CODE41 was a fresh new brand, the result of an online crowdfunding campaign. Surviving the first year was a real challenge! And yet, thanks to the continued support of its community, CODE41 is now a lasting feature of the Swiss watchmaking landscape. We’ve started changing the rules of the game, and our projects are closely followed by both the industry and the press, for which we feel both proud and honored. We believe that other initiatives will follow, further increasing innovation and creativity in Swiss watchmaking. The media had a lot to say about us in 2019:
  1. 80+ articles published on the internet and in the written press, both Swiss and international.
  2. 1 magazine front page: Claudio D’Amore, founder of CODE41, made the front page of PME Magazine last month, right beside Jean-Claude Biver. The Pope of Swiss watchmaking gave his approval to the CODE41 approach, declaring “That’s real entrepreneurship; not just copying everyone else.” Claudio couldn’t have dreamt of a better endorsement.

So, what does 2020 have in store?

We’ve kept some great surprises for you for 2020, and we hope that you’ll be here to take part in the next big CODE41 creations. Don’t miss DAY41 pre-orders at the end of January, and keep your eyes peeled; 2020 will be… what’s the word?… surprising!

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  1. jmgvcaribe@gmail.com says:

    Genial. Enhorabuena. Espero disponer de varios relojes para mis hijos y nietos. Creo que se trata de una auténtica revolución en este sector, pero con valor añadido porque se trata de relojería Suiza….

  2. Igor Stroganov says:

    2020 was full of surprises and I didn’t want to have that kind of experience again with my confidence and several language’s,expectations for2021 are very good, I made up my mind about what I would do Internet and personal contacts, very important things, Russians love it and they have money for it too, so we should be in touch, maybe I guess we can get catalogs in Russian language, top quality and only series, not prices,exclusively color and serial numbers.


    Depuis le début de votre aventure, je vous suis, les montres que vous présentez offrent une belle mécanique et sont tou simplement très belle., Je viens de craquer pour une day 41 que je recevrai en Janvier 2021. je l’attends avec impatience
    je vous laisserai un commentaire après l’avoir reçue; j’ai hâte.

  4. Frank De Pauw says:

    Code41 looks like a great incentive. Although I’m 65, an addicted golf player, I’m totally “online”…I discovered the wonderful plan, and goals of of Code41, and can only be positive with this plan.
    I have the intention to subscribe for the DAY41, and as a potential creator (if I understand well) I need to wear the other watches, and show them to friends, enlarge the community as much as possible. Well thought, and well done, Frank

    • Maurizio Motter
      Maurizio says:

      Hi Frank,

      Thank you for your message and your interest!
      The Creator label on our watches are for those who support and pre-order a project that is new. For example, our next creators will be those who go for the Chrono once it will be ready.
      The DAY41 have already launched and any future versions will have a different name (Edition II). We should have some news regarding the DAY41 towards the end of the year so best to keep an eye out for our news 😉

      Do not hasitate to get in touch if you have any other questions. I remain available and wish you a nice day.
      Best regards,

    • Maurizio Motter
      Maurizio says:

      Thank you for your comment !
      We are still on the early stages of this project but we will be sure to keep you updated once the project has evolved 🙂
      Best regards,

  5. Greg Martin says:

    Une démarche dans l’air du temps, des produits de qualité et une équipe sympathique.
    Je vais commencer à vous suivre…

  6. Dubois Jacques says:

    Je suis hyper fan du principe Code41 et je suis inscrit sur la liste d’attente de X41.
    J’attends avec impatiente une confirmation que la liste d’attente se transforme en commande.
    Bonne continuation.

  7. RIVIERE says:

    Bravo à toute l’équipe! Un bel exemple de réussite et un produit esthétique et innovant. J’attends les prochains modèles pour rejoindre la communauté! Allez, les gars, encore plus d’audace!…

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