Anomaly collection: Is it already the end?

Our ANOMALY collection is now 4 years old. Through its success, CODE41 has become a community brand firmly established in the Swiss watchmaking scene (and beyond).

Nevertheless, the ANOMALY 01 and 02 as you know them will soon no longer be produced. It’s becoming very difficult, if not impossible, to get hold of Miyota and ETA movements (a situation that many are already calling the “movement crisis”).

Come on, let’s get out our old photo albums and we’ll tell you how these original models marked the foundation of CODE41. You’ll discover how the ANOMALY 01 and 02 initiated significant change in the watchmaking world, and how they remain emblematic models in its history.

The movement crisis

It’s now very tricky to get hold of Miyota and ETA automatic movements. This situation affects CODE41 directly, as the ANOMALY collection has featured these movements since the very beginning. What, then, are the causes of this crisis?

Miyota (ANOMALY-01)

The Japanese movement maker MIYOTA is no longer accepting orders due to excessive demand; production can no longer keep up.


The sanctions imposed by the Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) have greatly complicated the supply of ETA movements in recent years.

A brand like CODE41 needs visibility and reliability in its supply chain, which is where this movement crisis is really affecting us, and forcing us to explore other avenues. But before we talk about the future, let’s first return to the genesis of the ANOMALY collection.

The history of the Anomaly collection

In March 2016, a mysterious team of cowboys, going by the name of the GOLDGENA PROJECT, sewed the seeds of trouble in the hushed world of Swiss watchmaking by unveiling the secrets of the Swiss Made label. This left many people feeling very disgruntled, but others, many others in fact, joined us in the creation of CODE41 and its very first project: ANOMALY.

Incidentally, this name was chosen at the time because the project was seen as a real anomaly in the Swiss watchmaking system:

A 100% transparent approach to the origin of components and prices

Direct online sales with no intermediaries

The participation of our community throughout the creative process

A brief summary of the main stages of the ANOMALY project:

The creation of CODE41 and its first collection was made possible by our 941 founder members who pledged their support during the Kickstarter campaign. Once again we offer them our thanks.

First design VS current design ANOMALY01

From November 2016 to the present day, more than 12,000 fans of mechanical beauty all over the world have worn this adventure on their wrist!

An emotional moment: in November 2017 we delivered the very first models!

4339 France
1789 Switzerland
668 Germany
605 Belgium
448 Holland
332 Italy
258 United Kingdom
2 Iceland
1900 Rest of the World

Emblematic models 

The ANOMALY 01 and 02 initiated significant change in the world of watchmaking. To better understand the situation, we need to look back on the status quo as it existed for watchmaking brands in 2016:

With its ANOMALY collection, CODE41 was the pioneer of a new watchmaking vision, though many still doubted its viability:

A 100% transparent approach to production

A price that is a direct reflection of the costs of production

Direct online sales without intermediaries

The 12,000 ANOMALY 01 and 02 watches will go down in history for their role in a major paradigm shift in the watchmaking world.

And now?

For us, the word “crisis” has always been synonymous with “opportunity”. Back in 2016, CODE41 was born in the middle of a watchmaking crisis. The distribution networks found themselves in great difficulty thanks to the big watchmaking groups imposing significant minimum stock levels, generating a very large volume of unsold units and an explosion of the gray market. On top of all of that came the tidal wave of smartwatches, with sales leaping up by 223% between 2015 and 2016.

So, the ANOMALY collection will have to evolve, but it will no longer exist in its current original form.

For that reason, the pieces still available represent the last opportunity to own a watch from this emblematic collection which marked the founding of CODE41!

Remaining watches: 63

Order an ANOMALY

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    • Zaineb
      Zaineb says:

      Hi David,

      Which one would you like to have? We’ll email you so that we can exchange about your watch and check the stock for you. 🙂

  1. Rinaldi Franck says:

    J’ai reçu ma montre anomaly2 hier 5 jours après ma commande elle est magnifique, je dois régler le bracelet acier avant de la porter, merci à toute l’équipe

  2. Robbie Stewart says:

    If you are experiencing component supply issues, what’s the plan for continued support of the ‘Anomaly’ range ‘in’, and ‘out’ of warranty?

    • Osman
      Osman says:

      Hi Robbie !

      No need to worry about the replenishment of our components. When we place orders to produce our watches, we always order more components than needed to cover service needs ?

  3. says:

    Molt interessant.
    Tinc una certa afinitat pels rellotges fets científicament.
    Ho tindre molt en compte a l’hora de comprar-ne un altre.
    Salut i endavant.

  4. says:

    Je suis intéressé par un modèle Anomaly 2 mais je crains qu’un jour elle tombe en panne. Or, vous prévoyez la fin du mouvement qui est le sien et qu’on ne rettouvera plus (raison pour laquelle vous cessez sa production).
    Est-ce vraiment opportun d’en acquérir une ?
    Merci de votre avis;
    Bonne soirée.

    • Claudio
      Claudio says:

      Bonjour, Pas de problème du côté du service après-vente. D’une part dans la plupart des cas les mouvements sont réparables sans avoir à changer le mouvement, d’autre part les mouvement ETA (qui fait partie du Swatch Group) ne risquent pas de disparaitre, et même si actuellement il est difficile de s’en procurer en quantité à cause des règles de la commission de conccurence, il n’y a pas de problèmes pour trouver des mouvements en petite quantité pour du SAV

  5. Merche Gomez says:

    Me parece todo muy elaborado sacrificado pero exitoso os habéis acoplado a los tiempo y están espectaculares está increíble pero que precio me hay facilidades para la colección oh por unidad me gustaría tener ese. detalle gracias y enhorabuena

    • Maurizio Motter
      Maurizio says:

      Gracias por su mensaje.
      Por el momento, el precio no se ha decidido ya que estamos en el proceso de diseño del reloj. Sin embargo, esta información estará disponible en el próximo capítulo de este proyecto 🙂

      Le deseo un buen día,


    • Maurizio Motter
      Maurizio says:

      Les versions Anomaly-01 et Anomaly-02 ne seront plus produites. Cependant, nous prévoyons de produire une nouvelle Anomaly (Reloaded) qui combinera les meilleures caractéristiques des deux montres.
      Nous vous enverrons un email dès que ce projet sera disponible 😉

  6. Jb Contreras says:

    Je viens d avoir l anomaly 1 , quelle bijoux ! Elle me faisait de l œil depuis un moment mais la fin de ce modèle original m’a aider à franchir le pas et je ne suis pas déçu

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