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2022 has already set off like a rocket at CODE41! Following the Watch winder and the 2022 vintage X41, both of which met with clear success, we’ve got plenty of other surprises in store for you in the coming months: ANOMALY-T4, Mecascape, Tourbillon, and much more… You won’t know where to start!

Before we reveal more about these projects in due course, a little progress report on our development strategy for the months – and years – to come.

As you know, CODE41 is growing. Since 2016, the community has multiplied by a factor of 30, the team has gone from 2 to 25 people, and there are more and more projects every year. And it isn’t even close to stopping! So, to give us the means to fulfill our ambitions and continue to allow you the opportunity to experience this fabulous adventure in watch creation, we’re working on the option that’s best suited to achieving these objectives: fundraising.

Whether that be through “traditional” investors or crowdfunding, or even both, all options are on the table and we’re interested in your opinion!

What is fundraising?

Fundraising consists of seeking investors who will provide financing to a company with strong growth potential. These funds, granted in exchange for capital stock, give the company support in its growth and allow it to roll out an even more ambitious strategy. And ambition is one thing we’re not lacking in here at CODE41. All will be explained below.

Why are we raising funds?

It’s no longer a secret for you: the community is at the core of CODE41’s DNA. That’s why, in March, we launched a major survey to allow you to give your opinion on essential subjects: the pre-order system, shipping times, the nature of the messages you receive, and much more. A great number of you took part, allowing us to gather insightful information from your responses and, in particular, to reinforce our three development axes for the coming years.

1 | Offering shorter shipping times

The pre-order system has many advantages – it avoids remaining stock, the gray market and waste – but it also has a few downsides. Most importantly: the shipping times, as our watches are produced on demand and, even if we assure you that it’s worth the wait, many of you don’t have the patience to wait 6 to 10 months for the pleasure of wearing our models on your wrists. And we understand that. 

So, dear community, we’ve listened to you and we want to offer much shorter shipping times in the near future. Our two main objectives starting from 2023 are as follows:

  1. Making some of our collections available for immediate delivery after ordering 
  2. A maximum of 4 months waiting time between your order and the delivery of our innovative, highly-technical models with their various complications.

In order to do so, it will be necessary to order a reserve of products, the purchase of which will be enabled through fundraising.

Nothing will change, however, for the Creator Editions; faced with the many unknown factors in launching a new product, we’ll stick with a pre-order system with a production/delivery time of 6 to 10 months.

For all that, we’ll still be honoring our commitments: avoiding excess stock, fighting the gray market and waste. How? Mainly through the benefits provided by our DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) model. While the sales and customer relations of traditional watch brands are handled by their retailers, the DTC model allows brands to implement a direct sales channel with the consumer to convey its messages, products and offers.

This two-tier sales system allows us to minimize the risk of excess stock from new projects, while reducing the delivery time for existing collections. In fact, for the latter products, both analysis of the latest sales figures and our direct contact with our community allow us to make a precise estimate of the stock required for each model.

2 | Conquering the universe

Raising funds also allows us to explore new territory. While today we deliver to more than 130 countries worldwide, the vast majority of the CODE41 community is still currently European (more than 80%)

Through numerous exchanges with watch influencers from all over the world, we’ve realized that every culture has different expectations and their own codes when it comes to watches, which are not the same in the USA, Asia and the Middle East.

In the future, we want to be able to generate new CODE41 communites all over the world, which will spread locally, and offer them the chance to experience the adventure of the creation of a watch, as the only limits are the ones that we impose.

And guess what: we love pushing the boundaries! But building new CODE41 communites in other regions of the world represents a sizeable operational challenge, and will require a number of resources to succeed:


translation of our website into the local language, adoption of communication codes, etc…


video and marketing methods for telling our story in these uncharted territories


design and production professionals for fulfilling everyone’s dreams

All of this will generate substantial costs and, as you can imagine, fundraising will allow us to finance our world conquest.

For that matter, what do you think of the idea of creating new communities locally?

3 | Recruiting new talent

As you can imagine, supporting an ambitious strategy of growth and development requires the recruitment of talent from complementary fields of expertise, all of them essential: product, design, communication, marketing, finance…

But how exactly is our talent currently distributed?

Community support20%
Design and creation18%
Product development25%
Finance and operations12%
Composing hilarious emails25%

And recruiting the best candidates, just like building new communities, entails a significant cost, the financing of which might be supported through fundraising. The main advantage of this option? Going faster and further, while still maintaining the same objective: allowing as many as possible to experience the incredible adventure of watch creation.

So, the aim is simple: to continue expanding the dream team that works alongside you day after day on the development of CODE41, being joined by more enthusiasts who like to do things seriously without taking themselves too seriously.

Not had time to read everything? In a nutshell, fundraising will enable us to:

Build up stock for our collections

thus reducing delivery times

Create new communities all over the world

allowing everyone the chance to experience the adventure of watch creation, in accordance with their local watchmaking culture

Recruit new talent

who will be the keystone of this ambitious development strategy

Comments and suggestions

As always, if you have any ideas, remarks or questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We’ll be delighted to respond!

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  1. perez alain says:

    Je pense que c’est une très bonne idée de levée des fonds et de faire participer la communauté code 41 à ce projet, cela permettra d’étoffer votre équipe de R et D et de créer des montres de plus en plus extraordinaires à des prix raisonnables

  2. says:

    j’ai commandé une DAY41 le 13 octobre
    mon impatience pour la livraison grandi ! des nouvelles ?
    Belle journée à toute l’équipe . René

    • Zaineb
      Zaineb says:

      Bonjour Rene,

      Bonne nouvelle ! L’expédition commencera dans les prochaines semaines, l’assemblage des montres est presque finalisé 🤩

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Hello Nigel,

      thank you very much for your interest!

      Currently we have no such plans, but if this changes we will inform you.

  3. Bazin Christophe says:

    Une levée de fonds pourquoi pas, mais il serait à mon sens logique de la réserver à la communauté afin de ne pas dénaturer l’esprit de CODE41

  4. Sztajnert says:

    Bonjour, je souhaiterais commander le modèle anomalie t4 avec bracelet acier
    Quel est le prix svp
    Je suis déjà inscrit sur votre site

  5. Nicolas says:

    Le but naturel d’une société dans une économie de marché est d’étendre ses profits mais attention à pas rentrer dans une industrialisation qui vous ferait sûrement perdre une grande partie de votre clientèle fidèle au profit d’une autre à conquérir certes sûrement beaucoup plus nombreuse mais o combien plus coûteuse. L’équilibre consiste à ne pas perdre son âme pour son cap !! Bon vent car j’aime beaucoup de ce voix faites

  6. VAILLANT Bernard-Dominique says:

    Vers l’infini … et au-delà !!! Continuez à bousculez l’univers quelque peu poussiéreux de l’horlogerie, mais surtout gardez votre fraîcheur et cet esprit communautaire qui doit rester la nature même de votre fabuleux travail. J’admire chaque jour le fruit de ce labeur, ma NB24 est si belle que j’en rêve encore !!! Encore bravo !!!

  7. Stéphanie NOUVIAIRE says:

    Bonjour à toute l’équipe et à la communauté Code41,
    J’adhère à l’idée d’une levée de fonds. Afin de préserver tout l’ADN de Code 41, il me semble cependant vital que les investisseurs soient des membres de la communauté. Dans le cas contraire, est que tout ce qui fait la spécificité de Code41 et vous rend si spécial et unique ne risque pas, sinon de disparaître, au moins de se diluer? Me sentir proche de vous, être entendue dans mes avis (envies) et pouvoir communiquer facilement avec votre équipe, c’est un point essentiel qu’il faut absolument chouchouter 😊.
    Quant à participer à l’aventure en tant qu’investisseur…. Je souhaite sérieusement considérer la question 😁.

  8. Alain Hourtane says:

    Le marché américain est celui sur lequel vous devez vous focaliser. En fait le marché de Californie Silicon Valley est probablement le plus interessant car capable de vous donner rapidement un retour sur investissement. C’est las ou une bonne stratégie sur le net devrait payer . Il y pléthore de compagnies a SF qui peuvent vous aider/vous conseiller. N’oubliez pas que en croissance est la cause numéro un d’échec par manque de Cash/liquidité. Donc avant ou en même temps que vous articulez votre levée de fond il est important de réfléchir sur une exit strategy . Au fait la NB24 est superbe je L’ adore et Merci

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