Coronavirus: your safety comes first

In response to the rapidly spreading epidemic, CODE41 has implemented a number of drastic safety measures in order to ensure that your health is not endangered during our sales process

Precaution principle

All watch orders including parts of Chinese origin will come exclusively from stock received by our warehouses prior to September 2019. We will apply this precaution principle for as long as the situation continues.

Preparation of orders

All workers responsible for preparing orders are following a very strict safety protocol: sterilizing their hands after contact with any new merchandise and maintaining a distance of at least 1 meter between each person, as well as a general prohibition of physical contact with others. Of course, our preparation premises are only accessible to a very limited number of colleagues.

Direct-to-home delivery

With CODE41, your product is delivered directly to your home, which removes the risk of contamination posed by collecting from the store. As you enjoy a 30-day free-return policy, our transporter will collect the product directly from your house if you aren’t satisfied with your order.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at if you would like any more information.