The worthy successor to the ANOMALY collection

The ANOMALY-T4 is the result of several years of experience gained through the development of the previous models in the ANOMALY collection, which laid the foundations for the CODE41 adventure.

Offering a completely unprecedented design in the true spirit of CODE41, the ANOMALY-T4 gives prominence to the visible mechanism, combined with a high level of technicality. Not a single new feature has been sacrificed on the altar of elegance; the new model in the ANOMALY collection brings together the best of both worlds, for a remarkably harmonious result.

Pre-orders for the ANOMALY-T4 Creator Edition are over! Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm, which has surpassed all our expectations!

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21 countries

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Price: from 1 700 $

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CHF 1'466'881

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Mar-Apr 2023


Estimated delivery:
Apr-May 2023

Pre-order your ANOMALY-T4!

Price: from USD 1 525 (Creator Edition price)
Future Edition price : 1 700 $

The best ANOMALY ever created:

An unprecedented design

Revealing a visible mechanism with its asymmetrical bridges, it fulfills the desire of the members of the community to be able to admire the beating heart of their watch.

Technical and affordable for as many as possible

We haven't compromised on any of its characteristics, making it sensational value for money.

100% recycled 316L steel case

The carbon footprint of the production of this high-quality material is 10 times less than that of standard steel.

What do they think about the ANOMALY-T4?

After 2 long years without seeing you, we took advantage of the launch of ANOMALY-T4 to organise an event in Lausanne. On this occasion, Jeremiah couldn't resist the temptation: he had to hand his microphone to some members to know what they thought about our latest watch craze.

A festival of colors for an eclectic collection

On May 18 2022, we submitted the ANOMALY-T4 provisional collection to the vote of the CODE41 community, with 12 different color combinations proposed. In total, almost 10,000 votes in less than 15 days allowed us to decide between the versions that we'd proposed. The upshot? 6 models have been chosen for the final collection: 

Steel - Black dial

Steel - Black/Silver dial

Steel - Blue dial

Anthracite PVD

Black PVD - Black dial

Black PVD - Orange dial

Waiting list

Missed out on pre-orders for the ANOMALY-T4 Creator Edition? It's too late this time... A little bit of advice to prepare yourself for the next Edition: sign up to the waiting list below to receive the latest news on all of our models!

The genesis of the ANOMALY-T4

At the heart of CODE41's DNA, our community resonates with our core values. Which ones? Co-creating our models with you, fulfilling your esthetic and technical expectations and, above all, allowing you to experience the adventure of watch creation like no one else in the world of watchmaking.

As the worthy successor to the ANOMALY collection, the ANOMALY-T4 achieves all three of these objectives. After the much-loved EVOLUTION, a number of you wanted to be able to admire the beating heart of the watch. We listened and we've been working relentlessly to satisfy a complex and demanding design brief:

Design brief of the ANOMALY-T4

  • Creating a watch with a visible mechanism in response to the desire of many members of the community, by selecting an excellently crafted movement.
  • Starting from scratch to come up with a design that's 100% in the DNA of CODE41, with a unique and instantly recognizable character.
  • Continuing our commitment to being eco-friendly by reducing our carbon footprint during production of the ANOMALY-T4.
  • Retaining what made the previous models so successful, with a first-class list of technical specification.
  • Offering a watch that's affordable on any budget and providing the same level of emotion as our Fine Watchmaking pieces.

With the ANOMALY-T4, we wanted to create a harmonious watch with a technical esthetic incorporating the best of the ANOMALY collection. We're extremely proud of the result!

Claudio D’Amore, founder of CODE41

Strong feelings guaranteed

The ANOMALY-T4's identity lies in its technical nature and its refined design, with its asymmetrical bridges that enhance its dial with a subtle balance between innovation and the legacy of the eponymous collection.

Once on the wrist, the ANOMALY-T4 stands out at first glance: without doubt, it's certainly a CODE41. The cross-shaped bridges, flange and back of the dial are arranged in concentric layers to offer an enchanting view that immediately captivates the gaze. Only the spectacle of the open-heart movement can steal the show from this chiseled esthetic.

The transparent back is not to be outdone when it comes to amazing sights, as the decoration of the oscillating weight with Geneva stripes paints a fascinating landscape that it's impossible to get tired of.

ANOMALY-T4 opens up its heart to you

We've not compromised on the technicality and quality of the ANOMALY-T4's movement, as it's brought to life by a Sellita (SW200-1 S a) movement, renowned for its great reliability and excellent precision of -7/+7 sec per day. We've opted for a so-called "skeleton" movement with a visible mechanism, so that everyone can admire its beating heart, both from the dial side and through the transparent caseback. Click here for more information.

What's more, we've choosen the Special (Elabore) version of the movement, which differs from the standard version in the following ways:


Adjusted : In 2 positions
Precision : -12/+12 sec. per day
Shock absorber : Novodiac

(CODE41 version)

Adjusted : In 3 positions
Precision : -7/+7 sec. per day
Shock absorber : Incabloc

100% recycled 316L stainless steel: THE must have

Environmentally conscious, the case (case middle, bezel and back) of the ANOMALY-T4 is made from 100% recycled 316L grade 4441 stainless steel. With a very low carbon content (the L stands for "Low Carbon"), this steel is exceptionally resistant to corrosion. Three other crucial points helped to confirm our selection:

It's made from offcuts of steel used exclusively in the Swiss medical and watchmaking industries, some of the most rigorous fields when it comes to choosing raw materials for their equipment and components. The use of a spectrometer gun subsequently ensures optimal traceability and selection from start to finish to guarantee the perfect quality of the steel.

As the case's steel itself can be recycled, the ANOMALY-T4 fits completely into a circular economy.

Its carbon footprint during production is one tenth that of standard steel, as the collection and melting processes are carried out in a local network, within a radius of 250km in Europe, and without the addition of any chemicals or ores.

At the heart of Panatere

In order to achieve this result, we've selected the ideal partner! After many months of research, we've chosen to work alongside Panatere, a pioneering Swiss company in the transformation of 100% recycled and recyclable raw materials. Favoring integrated circuits and local distribution networks, Panatere is certified Circular Economy Switzerland. Dive into the heart of Panatere alongside Laure, Product Manager at CODE41, and Raphaël Broye, CEO of Panatere.

Discover Panatere's recycled steel production cycle

Panatere has put over four years of work into finding the general process, as well as the right qualitative composition, without the addition of any chemicals or ores. In fact, we only cast 50 tons for each grade of steel, not the standard required 200 tons.

Raphaël Broye, CEO of Panatere

Grade 4441: the Rolls-Royce of recycled steel

Each steel composition has its own grade and its own quality, just like Pantone colors and their variations. The "4441" grade is the Rolls-Royce of its category - no more, no less - and that's the one we've chosen for the ANOMALY-T4.

The method of selection and transformation of this steel make it very homogeneous, as do its superior purity and the absence of imperfections in the material. The result: a high-performance, 100% recycled, anti-allergenic and biocompatible steel with an exceptional polished finish.

Two new eco-friendly straps

At CODE41, we love following through with things. That's why we're offering two new eco-friendly strap models for the ANOMALY-T4, made from recycled polyester fiber. In order to do so, we've selected the Spanish company Seaqual®, whose straps are produced from plastic bottles recovered from the bed and surface of the Mediterranean Sea. Buying a Seaqual® strap thus enables you to fight actively against plastic pollution in our seas and oceans. Discover the collection below:

Steel - Blue dial

Steel - Black dial

Steel - Black/Silver dial

Anthracite PVD

Black PVD

Black PVD - Orange dial

Waiting list

Missed out on pre-orders for the ANOMALY-T4 Creator Edition? It's too late this time... A little bit of advice to prepare yourself for the next Edition: sign up to the waiting list below to receive the latest news on all of our models!

Numbered Creator Edition

The Creator Edition of the ANOMALY-T4 is released as a numbered series. It's a chance for CODE41 to thank those members who've supported the ANOMALY-T4 project since its genesis, while also giving each piece its own unique character.

Total transparency

With our TTO label (Total Transparency on Origin), we've placed transparency at the heart of our approach. We clearly explain the costs of production and the mark-ups required to make the project profitable so that we can concentrate on what we're truly passionate about: creating high-quality mechanical watches alongside our members.

Costs and origin

Component / ProcessCost inc TaxesOrigin
Movement274 $Swiss
100% recycled steel case95 $Swiss/France/China
Dial47 $China
Assembly37 $Swiss
Leather strap, deployment clasp37 $Italy/China
Packaging21 $China
Logistic44 $Swiss
Design & developement26 $Swiss
Total production costs581 $
Price fromUSD 1 525
Component / ProcessCost inc TaxesOrigin
Movement274 $Swiss
100% recycled steel case+PVD121 $Swiss/France/China
Dial47 $China
Assembly37 $Swiss
Leather strap, deployment clasp37 $Italy/China
Packaging21 $China
Logistic44 $Swiss
Design & developement26 $Swiss
Total production costs607 $
Price fromUSD 0

Technical information

Skeleton movementSellita SW200-1 S a
DisplayHour, minute, second
Nighttime displaySuper-LumiNova® coated hands and indices
Water resistanceTo 100 meters. Individually tested in a pressurized chamber
Weight81 grams / 111 grams with leather strap
DimensionsDiameter: 41.5mm / Thickness: 11.2mm
StrapLug width 24mm / Simple tool-free assembly system

See all features

No risk, just pure joy

Cancellation free of charge

As long as your order has not yet been dispatched, you can cancel it for free at any time. 

30-day free-return policy

If you're not entirely satisfied with your watch, you have 30 days from receipt of delivery to return it for free, unused and in its original packaging.

2-year guarantee

In the event of a technical issue, your watch will be collected and repaired at our expense and as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

What are the conditions of cancellation and return?

As long as your order has not yet been dispatched, you can cancel it free of charge or modify your choice of strap, while stocks last. From the date of delivery, you have 30 days to return it free of charge, unused and in its original packaging, to enjoy a full refund.

Do I need to pay import taxes upon receiving my watch?

No. We've implemented a system in our cart that allows your country's respective customs duties and VAT to be calculated and paid automatically. So you won't have to pay anything upon receipt of your watch.

Why do CODE41 watches not feature the Swiss Made label?

For a watch to be Swiss Made, at least 60% of its value must come from Switzerland, its movement must be Swiss, and it must be assembled in Switzerland. That means that a Swiss Made watch can be of great quality while still containing many components from other countries.

In the interests of clarity, we've opted for total transparency and selected both Swiss and foreign components for their distinctive nature and high value for money, rather than to meet the criteria of a misleading label. That's why, even though the majority of our models comfortably meet the requirements, we've decided not to affix the Swiss Made label to our watches.

How does the CODE41 pre-order system work?

In order to avoid unsold stock, the gray market and waste, we decided to implement a pre-order system. It seemed more logical to only produce the quantities that have already been sold. Consequently, once or twice a year we launch pre-orders for a new edition over a period of 2 to 4 weeks. Delivery typically takes place 8 to 10 months later. While you wait, we allow you to experience the birth of your watch through liberal amounts of photos and videos.

How are the quantities decided for each edition?

For each collection, we decide the per-batch quantity according to our suppliers' monthly production capacity. During pre-orders, once the first batch has sold out, a new batch is opened with a delivery date one month later than the former. For each edition, we only produce a maximum of 3 or 4 batches.

How long does the guarantee last and how does it work?

ANOMALY-T4 watches are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of delivery. In the event of a technical issue, all you need to do is contact us and we'll arrange the collection and redelivery of your product, as well as its repair.

Are the straps compatible with all CODE41 watches?

The ANOMALY-T4 watches have a lug-width of 24mm. The straps are compatible with all CODE41 watches except for the DAY41 (37mm and 40mm) and ANOMALY EVOLUTION (38mm) models.

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    • Zaineb
      Zaineb says:

      Hola Fernando, ¡gracias por su interés! Acabamos de enviarle un correo electrónico con toda la información necesaria 🤩

  1. Stephane Desplain says:

    Avec quelle énergie fonctionne la montre Anomaly T4 ?
    Faut il l’a remonter à l’aide de la couronne ?

    • Maurizio Motter
      Maurizio Motter says:

      Bonnes questions. Toutes nos montres sont automatiques donc elles se chargeront avec le mouvement de votre poignet 🙂

  2. HOUPLAIN Philippe says:

    Tellement dommage qu’il n’y ait pas la date. Pour moi c’est hélas rédhibitoire. Pour l’instant je suis heureux avec mon Anomaly Evolution mais j’aime beaucoup aussi les mouvements visible de la T4. J’attends les autres projets même si la X41 me plait beaucoup !

    • Maurizio Motter
      Maurizio Motter says:

      Pour la T4, nous avons décidé d’avoir un look squelette mais malheureusement il n’y a pas d’option pour avoir une date. Sur la X41, on a les deux 😉

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Hallo Petrus,

      vielen Dank für Ihren Kommentar.

      Leider ist das Datum bei einem solchen skelettierten Uhrwerk nicht vorhanden, da die Datumsscheibe überall sichtbar wäre und die Schönheit der skelettierten Brücken stören würde.

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