Focus on the details

At the start of the project, we thought about making an attractive chrono watch fitted with a standard movement. But over the course of the chapters, through your votes and carried by your enthusiasm, we’ve ended up creating a powerful piece fitted with an exceptional movement. In any case, we here at CODE41 are all delighted with the result!

While you’re waiting for the real thing, here’s a few realistic 3D rendering that will allow you to imagine it on your wrist! 

Some of you have noted that the center of the movement on the dial side is less skeletal than expected. In fact, the central section cannot be openwork as it holds a number of the mechanism’s components.

Technical specifications

  • Movement: Manufacture cam-driven chronograph
  • Rewinding: Automatic via peripheral weight
  • Antishock system: Incabloc
  • Components: 303 components / 35 jewels
  • Frequence: 28,800 turns per hour
  • Adjustment: Each movement fine-tuned in 5 positions
  • Precision: -5/+5 sec per day
  • Power reserve: 48 hours
  • Case diameter: 42mm

Provisional collection

During the previous chapter, many of you voted in the color survey. Below, we’ve compiled a selection of the most promising combinations. The collection will consist of around 3 to 5 models, but the final choice will be made in December, once we have the prototypes. Of course, a dozen interchangeable straps will be available during pre-orders.

  • 972
  • 348
  • 3304
  • 4005
  • 803
  • 4034
  • 2702
  • 2264

Next step: From virtual to a reality

The prototypes are being produced. Seeing a virtual project become a reality is always an exciting stage. It’s at that moment that we sort out the final technical details in preparation for production. The prototyping phase generally lasts 3 months.

NB24 – The realization of a dream

So what does NB24 mean? Some of you have tried to guess, and your humor-tinged suggestions really amused us. NB24 sums up the story of our ambassador Nigel Bailly and his dream to take part in the 24h of Le Mans. When this young paraplegic driver told us of his passion and determination in 2017, we were immediately charmed and decided to go along for the adventure.

After 3 years of tenacious work, Nigel will take part in the 24h of Le Mans in June 2021, thus proving that nothing is impossible. Nigel, your courage and determination are admirable. Where you finish doesn’t really matter; for us you’re already a champion! This CHRONO project is dedicated to you.

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Project schedule:

STEP 6, 27 JAN.
Launch of pre-orders

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  1. says:

    Love my forged carbon Anomaly O2. One of the best watches in my collection. Modern, vibrant and beautifully designed and built. Can’t wait to see the NB 24! A great step up!

    Boni Guarneri suggests a Tourbillon project. Why not!

  2. Alessandro says:

    Can’t wait to see the prototype or – even better – the final version of this amazing masterpiece of fine watch manufacturing.
    Would really consider buying it if the final aspect and finitures will be close to the 3D renders!

  3. says:

    ich bin durch Zufall auf Euer Projekt gestoßen und vollkommen begeistert. Meine Registrierung habe ich soeben vorgenommen und warte gespannt auf die nächste Phase. Jetzt drücke ich die Daumen, dass alles wunschgemäß klappt und ich beim Start der Vorbestellungen am 27. Januar nicht „übersehen“ werde …!

    • Sabrine
      Sabrine says:


      Ich denke, dass es Schicksal ist, einen CODE41 zu besitzen, wenn man zufällig darüber stolpert 😉
      Bis bald auf CODE41,


  4. says:

    Bonne idée la version chronographe bravo.
    Pour quant un projet Tourbillon?
    Je m’avance un petit vite, mais il faut oser.

    • Maurizio
      Maurizio says:

      Merci pour votre message. Un tourbillon est certainement une bonne idée et c’est quelque chose auquel nous pensons. Nous vous ferons savoir si ce rêve deviendra réalité 😉

  5. says:

    Aspettiamo la scelta finale del prodotto con una scelta di cinturini intercambiabili adeguata.
    Per il Day41, la scelta dei cinturini era a mio parere troppo riduttiva. Vi seguo online. Sii iu sun

  6. David BOUQUET says:

    Très belles montres je suis très intéressé.
    J’ai reçu ma x41 et day 41 que j’ai offerte à ma copine. Nous sommes très content. Je suis étonné du poid de la x41 qui est très légère.
    Je vous souhaite à toute l’équipe une bonne et heureuse année 2021. Merci beaucoup.