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DAY41 – Emancipating Women’s Watchmaking

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DAY41 – A strong & sophisticated mechanical piece

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From women’s watch to genderless watch

The DAY41 project is a result of the direct impetus of our female community. After thousands of votes and comments on their part, concerning the design, movement and diameter, it will finally be brought to life 8 months after its launch. The result goes against the flow of traditional watchmaking: a strong, sophisticated mechanical piece that, when all's said and done, works just as well on a woman's arm as on a man's.

In attempting to create a beautiful women’s watch, in the end we’ve quite simply made a beautiful watch, regardless of gender.

Mechanical magic

Until now, women’s watchmaking mostly consisted of quartz (battery-powered) watches, and a few mechanical watches with very high price tags. But thanks to the DAY41 project - and your votes, Ladies - we’re paving the way for self-assured women’s watchmaking, with no more butterflies and dragonflies.

It’s even better in person!

A lucky few had the chance to discover the DAY41 prototypes ahead of time. Check out their off the cuff reactions:

Why contribute to the project during its launch?

  • Receive a numbered piece engraved with “CREATOR EDITION”
  • Become a creator member of the DAY41 project
  • Enjoy a launch price that’s much lower than the future price
CODE41 is not a brand in the traditional sense of the term; it’s more of a community project. The aim is to bring enthusiasts together around a watchmaking project in order to make it a reality. Said enthusiasts thus become Creators of the project.

An exclusive design that goes against the flow

Mechanical watches are traditionally the exclusive domain of men. Thanks to the participation of thousands of women, and heightened creativity, the DAY41 project shows that they too are fond of raw, machined, mechanical designs. In fact, the case is simple and elegant, while both its lugs and its chambered structure lend it a strong, specific, recognizable esthetic. The openwork dial becomes an extension of the movement, allowing the mechanical magic to shine through.

Quartz or Mechanical movement?

The majority of women’s watches are fitted with electronic quartz (battery-powered) movements. Such movements have the advantage of being thin and relatively cheap, though their batteries pose a real ecological problem. What’s more, they lack the beauty and magic of their mechanical counterparts.
If the quartz movement is a B movie, the mechanical movement is a cult classic.

How do you recharge a mechanical movement?

“Automatic” mechanical movements are fitted with an oscillating weight that recharges the watch through movements of the wrist. In swinging from left to right, the weight winds up the mainspring, just like those little cars that you have to push backwards so that they leap forwards as soon as they are released.

The DAY41 collection in 37 and 40mm

In order for the DAY41 to be able to adapt to any size of wrist (male or female), it will be available in 37mm and 40mm diameters. 5 color variants are available for the 37mm model, included one set with diamonds, with 3 variants for the 40mm. In addition, a wide range of straps will be on offer to satisfy all tastes.
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Eco-friendly straps

Our straps are fitted with an ingenious system that allows you to change your style quickly, simply and without tools. The collection consists of a varied selection of leather straps, and a steel bracelet. What's more, we've also developed 3 eco-friendly straps made from biodegradable leather, flax and even recycled paper. The icing on the cake? All of our straps are fitted with a 3-blade deployment buckle with pushers! It’s simply the best.

Swiss mechanical movement

We’ve chosen the Swiss mechanical STP movement for its excellent value for money. In addition, for a standard movement, its skeleton design is particularly successful. It boasts the distinctive features of an above-average power reserve, at 44 hours (usually 40 hours), being tested in 5 positions (normally 2 to 3), and precision worthy of the best movements, with a daily difference of -0/+15 seconds.

Total transparency

With our TTO label (Total Transparency on Origin), we’ve placed transparency at the heart of our approach. We clearly explain the production costs and mark-ups required for the project to be profitable, so that we can concentrate on what we’re really passionate about: creating high-quality mechanical watches.
DIAL 35 CHF / 36 € CHINA
TOTAL PRODUCTION COSTS Tax incl. 340 CHF / 355 €
FUTURE PRICE Tax incl. (fixed multiplier 3.5) 1,190 CHF / 1,245 €
LAUNCH PRICE Tax incl. From 890 CHF / 930 €

An unbeatable price-quality-magic ratio

Direct distribution, minimal mark-ups and transparency on costs are some of the key criteria that allow us to offer the DAY41 at a price that defies all competition.
The retail price is not the result of market positioning, but rather a direct reflection of the costs of production.
For all of our projects, we choose to work only with grade A suppliers; in other words, the best there are. The DAY41 is made from high-quality 316L steel. Particular attention is paid to the finishing, whether it be glossing, polishing or micro-beading.

Other technical information

Frequency 28,800 turns per hour / 4[Hz]
Crystal Scratch-resistant sapphire on front and back. Anti-reflective treatment
Stop second Yes
Shock absorber Incabloc
Rewinding Automatic through oscillating weight. Bidirectional rewinding
Pivots Tempered rolled steel. High-quality treatment to prevent premature wearing of the pivots
Fine-tuned in 5 positions Each movement is tested for precision in 5 positions (generally 1 in 50 pieces are tested in only 2 or 3 positions)
Weight 55 grams / 80 grams with leather strap
Dimensions Diameter: 37 or 40mm / Thickness: 10.5mm
Interchangeable strap 21.5mm / Simple tool-free assembly system

No risks, just pure joy

Frequently asked questions

As long as your order has not yet been dispatched, you can cancel it free of charge, or modify your choice of strap (according to availability). After delivery, you will have 30 days to return your order for free, unused and in its original packaging, in order to receive a full refund.
No. We've implemented a system in our cart that allows us to calculate and pay your country's respective customs duties and VAT. This means you won't have to pay anything upon receipt of your watch.


Launch of pre-orders


The prototypes have arrived

the last chapter of the fabulous DAY41 project before pre-orders open at the end of January
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Last adjustments

We’re already at the 4th chapter of this fabulous DAY41 project.
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Launch of prototypes

Validation of the design, and research of colors and materials.
Read chapter


Update of design

Working on dimensions, a range of dials based on votes, and choosing the movement
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Launch of project

Let's define the basics: Size, aesthetic, mechanism...
Read chapter

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  1. Willy says:

    Affublé d’une montre numérique griffée d’une pomme, je suis malgré tout l’évolution de votre marque depuis quelques années.
    La X41 est un objet splendide mais financièrement et raisonnablement hors de ma portée.
    En revanche, je suis sérieusement séduit par le modèle Day41.
    Cette mécanique apparente y compris au fond de la montre correspondent tout à fait à l’idée que je me fais de ce type de garde temps.
    La philosophie de votre entreprise renforce mon envie.
    Je vais donc opter pour le modèle PVD noir associé à un bracelet de la même couleur.
    Ma seule question est de savoir si les bracelets du modèle Anomaly 01 sont compatibles car j’apprécie particulièrement le modèle noir surpiqué rouge.
    Bonne continuation à vous.

  2. Pascal Leleu says:

    Hello l’équipe. Je viens de regarder la dernière vidéo de Claudio avec avidité. Merci pour ces petites vidéo, ça nous aide à patienter! Et ça me conforte dans mon achat. Par contre, et je sais que la question a déjà été posée, mais je m’interroge encore sur l’étanchéité : 5 atm sur le visuel (ok il a été fait en début de projet), 10 atm dans le descriptif d’achat. Mais tjs 5 atm sur les prototypes présentés par Claudio sur la dernière vidéo. Du coup je me dis que les prototypes auraient dû être marqués à 10 atm … Qu’en est il finalement?

  3. Jérôme CHAUVET says:

    La question a certainement déjà été posée très souvent, mais je n’arrive pas à trouver une réponse claire sur le site !
    Quelle sera la date de réception d’une DAY 41 en cas de pré-commande immédiatement ?
    Merci d’avance pour la réponse.


    Quelques petites questions concernant le nombre de précommandes.
    – Si le chiffre de 1000 exemplaires n’est pas atteint dans les délais prédéfinis, comment cela se passe-t-il pour ceux qui ont passer commande?
    – La série ne voit pas le jour et nous sommes remboursés ou bien est-il prévu un plan B?
    – Ou en est-on aujourd’hui du nombre de précommande?
    Merci pour votre réponse

    • Claudio
      Claudio says:

      Il fallait un minimum de 500 pièces pour lancer la prod, et là nous en sommes à plus de 1400 pièces vendues, donc pas de soucis, la DAY41 sera bien fabriquée 😉

  5. Baudin Gisele says:

    Encore plus enthousiaste et impatiente de recevoir ma Day41 après avoir vu et touché les prototypes en vrai! Merci et bravo pour votre accueil sympathique, décontracté et en même temps très professionnel à votre soirée Event.
    Petite question maintenant que j’ai vu en réalité ma future montre, j’aimerais commandé un 2m bracelet. Est que les bracelets figurant sous le menu déroulant Collections/Bracelets sont adapté (en taille) à la Day41 37 mm? Plein succès! Gisele

    • Claudio
      Claudio says:

      Merci pour votre retour, Non les bracelets pour les modèles ANOMALY sont de 24mm, nous allons ajouter dans quelques jours la section bracelets “DAY41” pour pouvoir ajouter des bracelets à votre commande.