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It’s already been 3 years since we set out on this watchmaking adventure, and it’s true, we’ve only created watches for men. But we want to redeem ourselves, and with this new DAY41 project it’s you, Ladies, who are in the spotlight! Throughout the whole project, only your votes will count. Guys, you’re obviously welcome too! We’re counting on you to provide your sound advice.

Community project

CODE41 isn’t a brand in the traditional sense of the term; it’s more of a community project. The aim is to bring enthusiasts together around a watchmaking project in order to make it a reality. Said individuals thus become project Creators. CODE41 is built around a policy of total transparency on origin, costs and development.

Let’s set out the basics!

We’re in tune with you! Before diving into the design of the DAY41 watch, we have to decide on the basics.


The majority of women’s watches are fitted with electronic quartz movements. These have the advantage of being thin and relatively cheap, but they lack the beauty and magic of mechanical movements.


In general, women’s watches are designed with simple, elegant lines. Do technicality and mechanics really leave you cold?


  • 511
  • 47


  • 278
  • 45


  • 667
  • 39


By way of example, our men’s ANOMALY model has a diameter of 42mm. Women’s watches generally have a diameter of 33 to 38mm. What do you think?

Wrist width shown in photo: 5cm

38 mm

  • 598
  • 66

36 mm

  • 563
  • 73

33 mm

  • 378
  • 81

Colors, materials and straps

This chapter should allow us to set out the basics, but don’t worry, we’ll be talking about colors, materials and straps in the following chapters.

Express yourself

Share your comments and wishes below. Which functions are indispensable for you? Which characteristics or special features would you like to find in your dream watch?


STEP 2, 07 AUG.

Working on dimensions, a range of dials based on votes, and choosing the movement

STEP 3, 28 AUG.

Validation of the design, and research of colors and materials. Launch of prototypes

STEP 4, 25 SEP.

Last adjustments and validation of the final collection

STEP 5, 23 OCT.

Launch of pre-orders

We need you!

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  1. bren.bstewart@gmail.com says:

    I just finished reading the majority of the comments. I was wondering how many of the people that commented have actually seen the making of a watch? I’m excited to be reading that CODE41is interested in creating a watch/s for women.
    This may sound somewhat odd but I don’t wear or own a watch. However after having seen a beautiful video of the designing and the intricacies in the actual assembling of a watch I was hooked. At Pinterest, I have been collecting images of watches. I think that I have around 300. I am mentioning this because I have been trying to visualize which of these images would be perfect for a women’s wrist. I’ve yet to make a decision.


  2. prdeconinck@gmail.com says:

    38 mm, vloeiende lijnen, zwarte & aardse tonen, mechanisch, zichtbare techniek, vrouwen malen daar niet om, maar dit project is ook deels opvoedkundig van aard.

  3. Francois-Xavier de Vasselot says:

    Que nous, les hommes, n’ayons pas le droit de donner notre avis, ok; mais on a quand même envie de voir les résultats des votes !

    • Jonas
      Jonas says:

      Merci François-Xavier pour votre message.
      Le résultat du sondage sera annoncé prochainement.
      Merci pour l’intérêt que vous portez à CODE41

  4. lemetaism@gmail.com says:

    J’attends avec impatience une montre squelette, le mécanisme d’une montre est une merveille et n’a pas à être l’apanage des hommes :-D. De la nacre sur le cadran, des aiguilles bien visibles, de la légèreté pour nos poignets délicats et ce sera parfait !
    Merci de ne pas oublier les femmes ! Marianne

  5. maximeguirauton@yahoo.fr says:

    I vote for a mechanical watch marrying clean lines and skeleton to give it a unique premium charm.
    I would go for a 38mm to fit more wrists.
    A rose gold would be lovely that can fit the everyday ; at work, later for dinner and cool for weekends.