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We’ve made it! We’re already onto step 2 of our new project, DAY41, which has the modest aim of emancipating women’s watchmaking…

In this step, we’ll be looking back on the origins of the project, the results of step 1’s vote, and finally the presentation of the first designs for the DAY41. Thanks to everyone for your significant participation in the first step!

The project in a few words

Until now, mechanical watchmaking was always above all a man’s world. In terms of both designers and customers, this noble passion had a tendency to remain closed off to most, even though women represent a significant part of the market.

But soon that will all be a thing of the past, because the DAY41 project is paving the way for self-confident women’s mechanical watchmaking, without the butterflies, dragonflies and rainbow unicorns. From the first step of DAY41 to the last, only the votes of the female members CODE41 community will be taken into account when developing a watch that really makes them happy. This direct, democratic approach is going to shake up the status quo of traditional mechanical watchmaking.

Votes: The final results for step 1

In the CODE41 offices, we were both happy and relieved to see that the majority of voters share our vision for DAY41: a mechanical watch with a visible movement! Here are the results of the votes:


The mechanical movement has this extra-special something that’s difficult to describe, but has an undeniable charm, especially when it appears transparently through the case, as in skeleton style movements, which is what you’ve voted for.

QUARTZ (25%)


CLEAN (35%)
SPORT (19%)


The results were very close between supporters of the 36mm and those of the 38. In reality, the difference is quite negligible. In the end, we’ve gone with 37mm.


And the men?

Although they’re not allowed to vote, many of them still participated! Nearly 400 comments! Nice… The result is a strong correlation with the choices made by the voters. According to our data, few arguments broke out (not on this topic, at least!).

DAY41: The first designs are here!

They’ve arrived! Ladies, it’s now up to you to tell us what you think, and indicate your preference.


Voting for step 2 is now closed.
Discover step 3 and definitive design

Estimated retail price: around 850 to 1,000 EUR/CHF

Lug variants



Transparent case back

Swiss movement

We’ve chosen the Swiss mechanical STP movement for its excellent value for money. In addition, for a mass-produced movement, its skeleton framework is particularly well-crafted. Next, we worked on making the dial an extension of the movement, while also giving it elegant contours. The result is a watch that combines mechanical beauty with a subtle, feminine esthetic.

Next steps: colors, materials and straps

Now that we’ve fully defined the basics, the next steps will consist of choosing the materials, colors, and then the straps. Stay alert; your opinion means a lot to us!

Express yourself!

The best way to see your ideas win out is to express yourself! Vote, comment, share. It’s also the secret of our community power. 🙂


We need you!

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  1. says:

    Il est rare de trouver une montre femme où l’on peut voir le mécanisme ! Elle est magnifique ! J’ai moi même une Hamilton Jazz Master Skeleton ! En espérant pouvoir porter la vôtre un jour , une montre de qualité, originale et à un prix raisonnable !

    • Jonas says:

      Nous sommes ravis de constater que ce projet vous plaise.
      Bienvenue dans la communauté CODE41.
      Saviez-vous que la première série CREATOR lors du lancement sera limitée et numérotée ?

      • says:

        Quel sera le prix approximatif de la série limitée ? Vos prix sont affichés hors taxes ? Merci
        Cordialement Véronique

        • Jonas says:

          Le prix de la DAY41 oscillera entre 850 et 1000 euros.
          Le montant comprend les taxes, les frais de douane ainsi que les frais d’envois.
          Rendez-vous fin octobre pour les pré-commandes 😉

  2. Véronique Wirth says:

    Un grand merci d’être à l’écoute des femmes pour ce beau projet. Le design est magnifique, c’est ce que j’aime, sport chic futuriste. Bravo à toutes l’équipe et j’attends la suite avec impatience.

    • Jonas says:

      La DAY41 a été pensée par notre communauté féminine pour notre communauté féminine 🙂
      Nous sommes ravis de voir que ce projet vous plaise.

    • Jonas says:

      Apprezziamo il vostro feedback, Lucia.
      La prima serie di CREATOR al lancio sarà limitata e numerata.
      Sentitevi liberi di registrarvi sul nostro sito e di contattarci se necessario.