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Once again, thank you all, and now let’s move on to the results of the votes for DAY41, the project emancipating women’s watchmaking.

And the winning design is… Design 1

If DAY41 Design 1 was a movie star accepting an award for its role in a film, it would start with “First of all, I’d like to thank my designers, my parents, and the community for their unfailing confidence throughout the voting phase.”

Then it would attempt to explain its success: “I think that what the 1345 women who voted saw in me was above all a very technical appearance, with lines that are both clear and elegant, allowing the mechanical movement to appear in the background, thus further enhancing it.”

In conclusion, we’d be treated to: “My thoughts go out to design 2, who will never see the light of day, but will forever shine on in my heart.”

The best of your comments praising the winning design

By the way: cylinders on the lugs or a wide strap?

The difference between the votes was much smaller than for the design. A weak majority of voters tipped the vote in favor of the “Wide Strap” version over the “Cylinders on Lugs” version.
It’s interesting to note that men do not agree with the women on this point!

In light of such a tight vote, we’re still going to keep both routes open and prototype the 2 versions.

Discover the definitive DAY41 design

Having carefully noted the results of the votes and read the 381 comments, we’ve decided to refine part of the dial slightly, leaving more room for the movement. We wanted to do something for those lovers of mechanical magic who voted for design 2.

Unveiling the colors

This phase for some is just as decisive as the previous chapter.
Colors are not debatable; they impose themselve upon you.

Next chapter: the last details before the launch of preorders!

With each new project, it’s always the same… we’re astonished that we’ve reached the final chapter before the final confirmation of the future model so quickly. See you soon for:

  • The results of the color votes
  • The latest adjustments made
  • The launch of prototypes
  • The final version of our beautiful DAY41


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  1. says:

    Belle évolution de design avec la X41 qui pourrait être agrémenté d’un bracelet croco avec surpiqures rouge ou bleu par ex, voire d’un bracelet de type racing avec quelque trous ! J’espère que la remise peut se faire à Lausanne avec une visite de l’usine par ex ?

  2. says:

    Liliana et Jean disent
    Pour ma part ma femme préfère une montre sans numéros mais quand même avec un trait a 6h-9h-12h-15h.
    elle se réjouit déjà.
    Bravo pour la suisse que revient au sommet de l’horlogerie mondiale. ouf !!

  3. says:

    prossimamente diventerò vostro cliente molto bello il vostro progetto orologio molto elegante e raffinato complimenti.

  4. says:

    Superbe projet PARTICIPATIF, je trouve cela tres novateur et encourageant, des valeurs d’authenticité et de transparence pour tous.
    esperant m’offrir une de vos belle montre.
    bonne continuation

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:

      Bonjour Jerome,
      Nous vous remercions pour votre message qui nous encourage dans nos projets 🙂
      Nous nous réjouissons de vous compter parmi notre communauté !
      Bonne journée

  5. says:

    Superbe projet tirant sa motivation de valeurs d’authenticité et de transparence! J’adore. J’espère pouvoir offrir la DAY41 à mon épouse prochainement!
    All the best to the team

  6. says:

    il manque un bracelet en acier brossé idem au aiguilles
    elle devrait être présentée sur 2 version l’un en croco et l’autre en acier
    et pourquoi pas avec une possible changement rapide de bracelet
    3 versions croco / acier / satin

  7. chiara sanmartin says:

    bellissimo e di ottima manifattura… abbiamo già acquistato un modello da uomo…..fantastico!!!! Non vedo l’ora di averne uno anche per me.

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