News on the production of the DAY41

In our last email on April 7, we told you that the first series units were about to leave the factory. With the intervention of Covid, receipt of these pieces is now scheduled for the end of June. The contrast of the black dials will be accentuated and the finishing will be perfect. We won’t forget to show you when the moment comes. However, some important progress has been made since April 7, on both the cases and the dials.

Case and dial production stage

The cases

They will hold your Swiss STP skeleton movement for decades, whatever the weather. For that to happen we need to move on to the stamping phase and arm ourselves with the appropriate tools. What’s the aim of this phase? Blocks of steel are cut out and then struck with the die in order to begin shaping the case. 5 to 6 strikes per block of steel (sometimes as many as 20, depending on the complexity of the design) are required to obtain the desired case shape. Between each strike, the steel is heated to soften it and optimize its malleability.

Piercing through CNC machining

The stamping is now complete and the case has taken on its definitive form. It’s now time to pierce the holes for the screws and the crown, as well as the seats for the glass, dial and movement. This process is done through CNC machining.

What is CNC machining?

CNC machining uses computerized numerical controls. The milling machines used are automated and computer-controlled to machine a block of material into a piece.

Case finishing

Next, we perform the various surface treatments: polishing, satin-finishing, and micro-bead blasting. For colored pieces, the PVD treatment is applied at the very end.

The dials

The DAY41 dials are made from brass, and must also undergo CNC machining. In terms of finishing, there are a few important steps to be carried out:

  • “Côtes de Genève” : the most well-known of all watchmaking decorations.You could just call them stripes; however, with immaculate execution and favorable lighting, Geneva Stripes accentuate the mechanical esthetic of a wristwatch.
  • Satin-finishing: this decorative process consists of covering a metallic surface in a multitude of extremely fine parallel stripes. The effect created is clean and regular, its ruggedness catching the light at different angles.
  • Micro-bead blasting involves bombarding the surface of a watch with little metal balls. It gives a mat finish that reduces light; the opposite of the majority of surface treatments, which typically aim to increase shine.
  • Color treatment with plating bath: this decorative effect is achieved through electroplating. It uses a continuous electrical current (on a dial or movement) to deposit a metal coating on the original material; the treated object is simultaneously protected from oxidation.
  • Applying luminova to the hands: this process is so delicate that it is performed by hand with a little syringe. This allows you to read your watch in the middle of the night without squinting your eyes.

As you can see, your DAY41 is in good hands; each step is being carried out strictly by experienced professionals. As soon as we receive the images, we’ll share them with you immediately. Also, in terms of delivery dates, we’re still working with a month of delay due to the health situation. We’ll do everything that we can to reduce this delay, but our number one priority is quality, which is why we’re following the production process very closely, and why we’ll continue to relay all the thrilling news from behind the scenes.

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    • Zaineb
      Zaineb says:

      Bonjour Samuel,

      Oui, elle sera disponible 😍 En revanche, le prix change d’un boitier à un autre. Nous publierons les prix exacts dans quelques semaines ⌚

      • says:

        Bonjour quelle durée pour avoir une montre day 41 en 37 mm? Pouvez vous me prévenir quand elle sera dispo à la vente ?si elle ne convient pas peut on la renvoyer et procédez vous au remboursement dans son intégralité ?

        • Zaineb
          Zaineb says:


          La livraison se fera 8 à 10 mois après la commande, je viens d’ailleurs de vous ajouter à notre Mailing List afin que vous receviez un email une fois les pré-ventes ouvertes. 😍

          Pour ce qui est du retour, vous avez un délai de rétraction de 30 jours suivant la date de livraison. ⌚

  1. Bernhard Kremnitzmüller says:

    Ich würde gerne meine Mailadresse ändern! Muss ich da einen neuen Account anlegen?

    BG aus Wien Bernhard

    • Zaineb
      Zaineb says:

      Bonjour Nuon,

      Bonne nouvelle ! Elle sera disponible cet été. Nous vous enverrons un email une fois la date confirmée ⌚

    • Zaineb
      Zaineb says:

      Salve Giovanni,

      Tra un paio di settimane apriremo la prevendita. Fai già parte della mailing list della nuova edizione? Se sì, ti invieremo un’e-mail quando ci avvicineremo alla data di uscita.

  2. Giovanni Buttitta says:

    Sono molto fiero del mio 37mm.Un emblema trasparente dell orologeria Svizzera sobria e scintillante in barba ai maxisize!!!

  3. dante tienghi says:

    salve, sarei interessato al progetto DAY41
    Vorrei sapere se per un modello diametro 40 con cinturino in caucciu’ il prezzo fino a quanto puo’ arrivare visto che leggo a partire da 1.190€
    Inoltre vorrei sapere se l’importo puo’ essere pagato a rate e se si in quante rate
    dante Tienghi

    • Zaineb
      Zaineb says:

      Salve Dante,

      Il prezzo dell’orologio parte da 1 180 $, ma il pre-ordine non è ancora iniziato.

      I nostri clienti sono stati in grado di pagare in 3 volte per l’ultima edizione di Day41. Vedremo se l’opzione sarà disponibile anche per questa edizione.

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