A change of perspective!

Today, we want to talk to you about a project that goes even further off the beaten track than its predecessors. Having already developed and offered 6 collections to our cherished community, here’s a very personal project, which first took seed over 10 years ago in the mind of Claudio, founder of CODE41. Without further ado, we’ll reveal its name: the Mecascape!

The genesis of the Mecascape project

For almost a century, watches have been displayed and paraded on the wrists of men and women alike, perfected over the years by the most brilliant master watchmakers. But to give mechanical beauty its rightful place, a change of perspective and outside-the-box thinking were required.

Return to 2009: Claudio, then a designer for the biggest watchmaking houses (TAG Heuer, Parmigiani, Oris, Montblanc…), had the idea to develop something that will free itself from tradition and from wrists. He got down to business with the experiment, researching the ideal proportions and reflecting on the design. The sketches and drafts were endless; crossings-out, corrections and revisions followed; the project matured and took a clearer shape.

But at the time, the means of making it a reality (team, partners, suppliers) were not yet in place. Unfortunately, (for the time being) the Mecascape didn’t see the light of day.

A favorable situation

12 years later, in 2021, Claudio has not last sight of his goal: to bring the Mecascape to life! This time, the stars have aligned and, as for the resources, they’re available thanks to CODE41’s teams and partners. Without further ado, discover more about the Mecascape!

What exactly is the Mecascape?

The Mecascape, a portmanteau of Mechanical Landscape, is a watchmaking landscape that sets mechancial beauty free by allowing the movmement to “breathe” in an unprecedented format, which we’re going to be developing in close collaboration with our Swiss partners. In a traditional movement, the components are usually piled into a limited space, constrained by the dimensions of a watch case. In the Mecascape, the cogs, cylinders, balance wheel and other complications are laid out side by side to offer an unforgettable mechanical spectacle:

Steel version

  • 365

Anthracite version

  • 1211

So, lovers of fine watch mechanisms, you’ll be able to admire every last detail of the components that make the movement’s heart beat and that, most importantly, wherever you wish! Practical and elegant, the Mecascape can in fact be placed on a desk, at home or at work, just as easily as sliding into your jacket pocket thanks to its ideal dimensions. 

  • 665
  • 1114

An initial technical study has already been carried out to confirm the fact that the placement of the components allows the mechanism to function in an optimal manner. Next step: perfectly calibrating each component and designing the bridges such that they are functional, as light as possible and, of course, beautiful!

Actually, there are still a number of adjustments to make, which we’ll share with you along with, as always, every step in the development of this project.

Your opinion!

Today, this extraordinary project is aimed at those who want to step outside the normal and take an adventure over new watchmaking terrain. To the creative, curious and bold: the Mecascape is now in YOUR hands, because we need you! We can’t wait to find out what you think, and we hope that you like this project as much as we do.

And now it’s up to you:

I like it and I want to know more!

You’re really thrilled and we couldn’t be happier! Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

  • 2033

I like it but I don’t think I’ll buy it

Do you appreciate the project, but not to the point of buying it? Tell us why.

  • 1898

I don’t like it

If you don’t like the project, consider letting us know what you think in a comment, so we can understand why.

  • 159

The price of the Mecascape

As always, we are dedicated to offering you the best possible value for money, and all in full transparency. At this stage, it’s still too early to give you a precise price, because we’re still in full discussion with our partners. Nevertheless, the Mecascape should be available for between 6000 and 9000 CHF.

What are the next steps?

We’ll be back at the end of January 2022 to provide a summary of this first round of voting, and to announce the next steps to be taken according to your comments and impressions.

Any other suggestions? 

If you have any ideas, comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below; we’ll be delighted to reply!

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  1. Andreas Tchorsch says:

    Was für eine coole Idee ! Ich stelle mir vor, wie ich auf der Straße nach der Zeit gefragt werde. Ich greife in die Tasche und heraus kommt, nein, kein Smartphone, sondern dieses Objekt. Was für ein Auftritt !

  2. Ingmar Meinecke says:

    Die Zeiger würde ich mit noch ein bisschen mehr Farbe ausstatten. Das Datum müsste vielleicht noch ein wenig prominenter sein.

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Hallo Ingmar,

      vielen Dank für IH Kommentar und die tollen Vorschläge.

      Solche Details wird in den nächsten Kapiteln des Projektes entschieden.

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung.

      Bleiben Sie einfach dran, in den nächsten Kapiteln werden wir mehr über das ganze Projekt erfahren.

  3. Thomas says:

    Le concepte est très intéressant, est-ce que vous penser un jour réaliser dans le même style une horloge murale? Le skeletage est très intéressant et magnifique à voir et pour ça bravo !!

    • Boolakee Osman
      Boolakee Osman says:

      Bonjour Thomas,

      Je rêve aussi d’une belle horloge murale squelettée 😍

      Pour le moment, cela ne fait pas partie de nos projets, mais je vous encourage à faire du bruit, motiver quelques membres et hop ! On espère que vous serez entendu 😀

  4. Serge Nieriker says:

    Vu que le socle sera vendu comme un accessoire je pense qu’il est important qu’on puisse aussi l’acquérir sans la montre. Pourquoi ? Parce que si la montre reste mobile il pourra y avoir plusieurs pièces pour l’accueillir (ma cuisine, mon bureau [qui n’est pas forcément dans la même localité], le salon de ma copine, …) Et il n’est pas irréaliste de penser qu’une seule montre puisse avoir besoin de plusieurs supports.
    Par ailleurs il n’est pas impossible que le support proposé ne soit pas toujours identique en fonction des différentes éditions.

  5. Mathieu says:

    Sincèrement le concept est sympa. Le prix délirant est élitiste…. Entre 6000€ et 9000€ Pour une pendulette de poche ….
    Dommage vous coulez un chouette concept.

  6. ARDOUIN says:

    Génial mais trop cher
    Un objet à 8000e ont le garde au poignet, au moins on sait où il est. Pas dans une poche au risque de le perdre. A moins d’y glisser une puce Gps …
    Mais l’architecture est superbe, l’idée géniale et novatrice. Bravo 🍾

  7. Klaus Hammeke says:

    Ich finde die Uhr toll und faszinierend. Eine zusätzliche Alarmfunktion wäre super.
    Der Preis ist schon ambitioniert, allerdings kenne ich auch keine vergleichbare Uhr.

    Viel Erfolg und alles Gute für 2022!


    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Hallo Klaus,

      vielen Dank für Ihr Kommentar! 👍

      Eine Alarmfunktion wäre wirklich toll, da bin ich ebenfalls der Meinung.

      Alles Gute in 2022 wünsche ich Ihnen ebenfalls!

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