Final design, colors and accessories

In the previous chapter, we introduced you to Le Cercle des Horlogers, the company working with us on the Mecascape project. With them, we’ve completed the technical finalization by taking on the challenges inherent to the conception of this extraordinary challenge: the unprecedented dimensions, the complex calibration of the machines, the structural viability of the Mecascape, etc. 

In this new chapter, we share the latest developments relating to the design of the Mecascape, as well as the research we’re carrying out on the colors and accessories that will be offered when the time comes for pre-orders. Open your eyes wide, because as always, it’s you who’ll be participating in this crucial stage of the project!

A sharp, refined design

“There can be no progress without the freedom to experiment,” it’s said, and it’s a maxim that we apply to all CODE41 projects. Pushing progress, experimenting, trying out new approaches and new perspectives: the Mecascape is the perfect example. So we’ve subtly worked on a change in its design to lean towards more harmony, readability and coherence in light of a meticulous technical study. In concrete terms, here are the modifications made to date:

On the front

Layout of the cogs

the layout of the cogs has been revised for better functional efficiency.

Reprography of the world map

A reprography of the world map has been added to the center of the GMT disk to enrich its esthetic.

Sapphire crystal

Scratch-resistant sapphire with anti-reflective treatment has been adopted for ideal reading of information.

On the back / On the side

Solid back

We’ve opted for a solid back with a sapphire “window” opening allowing for admiration of part of the plate and the cogs. 

Push button

Addition of a push button for adjusting the date.

Bigger crowns

Increased the size of the left and right crowns, to make them more user-friendly. They’re also now ridged (for improved grip). Are you wondering about the uses of the two crowns? The one on the left is for setting the time and the one on the right for setting the second time zone (GMT) as well as for manually winding the Mecascape.

Why a solid back rather than an entirely transparent back? We wanted the Mecascape to be as thin as possible, and to avoid any risk of the structure twisting, we needed a solid structure provided by the titanium back.

Color research: to the ballots! 

For several weeks, we’ve been working on some color variations that we’re really proud of and that we can’t wait to show you! The different color options essentially focus on the Mecascape’s display elements, with particular attention being paid to the readability of the information: hours, minutes, seconds, GMT and power reserve. And it’s up to you to vote for your favorites. Ready? We’re off! 

  • 961
  • 128
  • 119
  • 170
  • 561
  • 729
  • 258
  • 177
  • 139
  • 293

The Mecascape’s accessories

In order to adapt the Mecascape to either nomadic or sedentary usage, we’ve thought about accessorizing it without impairing its design. The aim: firstly, to provide it with a box for when you carry it with you in order to prevent shock damage, scratches and potential falls. That’s why we’ve selected a case made from excellent quality Italian leather with a microfiber lining and a slot for storing a card (like a bank card or a business card). 

  • 567
  • 310
  • 98
  • 195
  • 310
  • 196
  • 92
  • 130

Secondly, by offering a support to put the Mecascape in should you wish to place it on your desk or any other flat surface. 

The study into the feasability of these accessories is still ongoing and we’ll reveal the first images of them below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

The next steps

Our next meeting concerns a decisive phase in the project as it will be dedicated to the production and receipt of the first prototypes! A long and complex step as this project represents a leap into the unknown in many ways (size of the Mecascape, positioning of the components, unprecedented calibration of the machines), for both our partner and for us. But as always, we love taking on the craziest of challenges! Stay tuned ✌️.

Any other suggestions?

If you have any ideas, observations or questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below; we’ll be delighted to respond!

Upcoming milestones (provisional dates) 

AUG. 03, 2022

Presentation of and voting on colors and accessories

OCT. 05, 2022

Monitoring and receipt of prototypes and approval of the collection

NOV. 2, 2022

Launch of pre-orders

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  1. Jérôme Graffé says:

    Hallo ich finde die Idee von so einer Taschen Uhr super , würde mir persönlich aber viel besser gefallen wenn man sie such zusätzlich als Wecker benutzen könnte für Zuhause und suf Reisen.

  2. Marco says:

    Ritengo che la disposizione dei quadranti avrebbe dovuto essere per una lettura dell’ora e delle altre informazioni afferrando il M come un cellulare e non sul lato più lungo.

    • Maurizio Motter
      Maurizio Motter says:

      Abbiamo esaminato questa possibilità all’inizio del processo di progettazione, ma abbiamo scoperto che avere il MECASCAPE in modalità orizzontale rende più facile la lettura ed è esteticamente migliore 🙂

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