First designs

What enthusiasm you’ve shown for the CHRONO project! We’ve never seen such a level of participation in a first chapter: more than 1,100 comments in 5 languages and an overwhelming victory for the personalized movement with more than 4,200 votes versus 1,200 for the standard movement.

An exceptional factory for an exceptional movement

To create this exceptional movement, we’ve called on Concepto, one of the jewels of the Swiss watchmaking scene. We’ll introduce you to this company and their talented artisans in a future chapter.

The primary advantage of Concepto is their ability to offer a personalized chronograph movement at a reasonable price. In fact, with the chronograph being one of their specialties, we’re able to enjoy economies of scale on a great deal of the components. Otherwise, the price of the movement would be 4 to 5 times more expensive.

Mechanical design

Designing a movement is far more exciting than designing a simple dial, but it’s also a complex task. Just like you, we’re fascinated by these mechanical sculptures, and we’ve designed the bridges to showcase the motor of this micromachine.

In addition, to make this piece just that little bit more exceptional, we’ve included a peripheral weight, just like the one in our X41 model. And to top it all off, said weight will be visible on the dial side. And yes, you’re right, we’re all crazy!

Visible peripheral weight on the dial side

The designs sparked real enthusiasm; thanks for your feedback and support! We’ll be getting back to work right away !

542 votes 542
7465 votes 7465
495 votes 495
490 votes 490
7553 votes 7553
675 votes 675


  • Movement: Cam-driven manufacture chronograph
  • Rewinding: Automatic via peripheral weight
  • Shock absorber: Incabloc
  • Components: 303 components / 35 jewels
  • Frequency: 28,800 turns per hour
  • Fine-tuning: Each movement fine-tuned in 5 positions
  • Precision: -5/+5 secs per day
  • Power reserve: 48 hours

Project schedule:

STEP 6, 27 JAN. 2021
Launch of pre-orders

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    • Maurizio
      Maurizio says:


      Thank you for your message. The Chrono is still in early development so we are not taking orders at this moment. However, we will let you know when you will be able to place your order 🙂

      I remain available and wish you a nice day.
      Best regards,

  1. Gaero says:

    Beaux designs mais l’esprit chrono n’est il pas fortement lié à la mise en valeur de ses cadrans ?
    A mon sens, le design 5 a du caractère mais les cache de trop.
    De plus, la dissymétrie fait partie de l’adn de la marque, je penche pour la 2.

    Mais à peine 1% d’écart entre 2 et 5 qui sont très différentes. Il y a un risque de déception de 50% des votants.
    J’ai été en difficulté pour voter, ici je vois de belles montres, mais pas une Code41.
    Ne faudrait-il pas proposer des alternatives plus audacieuses autour des 2 finalistes ?

  2. Maik Pluskat says:

    Bin zufällig auf die Codes Seite gestoßen.
    Mir hat sofort das tolle Design der Uhren angesprochen. Auch die aktuellen Designs von der Crono gefallen mir, endlich mal nicht so 0815 Uhren.

  3. Jason Whiting says:

    It’s a thing of beauty and stunning engineering.
    Love it however on a mechanics teacher’s wage I can only dream of adding this to my collection of skeleton watches.
    It would look absolutely amazing with a black titanium strap.
    God bless and good luck during these troubling times, stay safe and keep making visually stunning timepieces.