The prototypes have arrived!

It’s always a delight to go from the virtual to the real thing! We’ve just received the prototypes and they are magnificent.


3D images are good, but a full-scale rendering is even better! That’s why, once the design has been chosen, we always move onto a prototyping phase. The aim is simple: to examine the esthetic and ergonomic qualities of the model.

The material used for the prototypes is a PU (polyurethane). It is different from the high quality rubber (FKM: Fluorocarbon Rubber) that we use for production. The aim of the prototypes is to examine their esthetic and ergonomic properties. 

Once approved, the production molds begin to be machined in high-quality steel. This step takes around 3 months.

Prototype creation process

  • Modeling of the strap with 3D design software
  • 3D printing of the model in high-density resin
  • Creation of provisional silicone molds based on the 3D print
  • Vacuum casting of some prototypes
  • Total duration: around 6 to 8 weeks

Color selection

The minimum for production is 300 pieces per color and per size. That’s why we’re going to limit the collection to 3 colors. As we have two different lug widths (24mm and 21mm), that makes 6 variations in total, meaning a minimum of 1,800 pieces for the first orders.

Following your votes, we’ve kept your 6 favorite colors. But we still need your help in selecting the 3 that will be put into production.

5415 votes 5415
5334 votes 5334
3196 votes 3196
5497 votes 5497
649 votes 649
3310 votes 3310

With or without a logo?

Here are a few variants to help us decide whether it would be of interest to add a logo to the strap. Thanks in advance for your votes.

2176 votes 2176
5097 votes 5097
783 votes 783
4826 votes 4826

Next step… pre-orders!

Summer’s going to hot. We’ve still got to refine a few details and take some nice photos and videos, and then the grand opening of pre-orders will be upon us. So, see you September 22 for the realization of this colorful project!

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  1. Louis says:

    Hi ,

    Die Armbänder überzeugen voll , endlich mal etwas anderes und schön Bund, fände ein schwarzes mit roten oder orangenen Akzenten noch cool ansonsten alle Armbänder Farben gefallen mega 👍🏼 Bitte schnellwechsel Stege verwenden 🙂 und auch zum Einzel kauf anbieten, könnte sie mir an einigen meiner Uhren richtig gut vorstellen 😅

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Vielen Dank für Ihre Meinung! Ja die Kautschukarmbänder sind richtig gefragt. Die Vorbestellungen starten am 22.09. und man wir die Armbänder einzeln bestellen können.

    • Osman
      Osman says:

      Los pedidos anticipados estarán disponibles la próxima semana. Tendrás la oportunidad de descubrir toda la colección y hacer nuestro pedido 🤩.

  2. Alexandre says:

    Please propose the red color as well. It allows to have a bit spicy and differentiated color next to the classic one. It would also be a perfect match with the X41

  3. klewansky says:

    je souhaite commander pour ma montre un bracelet rubber noir prix?
    achetée en en 2017 ou 2018 .Montre un peu rayée (partie noire) peut on y remedier?

    • Elodie
      Elodie says:

      Nous n’avons pa encore le prix, mais les préventes démarrent le 22 septembre 😎 Vous le saurez très vite.

      Concernant votre boitier rayé, je vous invite à nous contacter, nous verrons ce qui est possible de faire 😉

  4. Clive Foord says:

    I currently have a blue X41 aerocarbon with red hands on order with delivery scheduled early next year. I am very tempted with the idea of complimenting the watch with one of these rubber straps as I believe it would enhance the visual and wrist feel pleasure. The trouble is I can’t decide between the A1,A2 or A4 together with logo versions so hopefully as part of the pre orders there will be some way of viewing the actual watch face I have on order with the respective rubber strap choices to help me with my decision making. Further could my chosen strap be coordinated and fitted to the watch when it is ready for delivery.

    • Elodie
      Elodie says:

      Hello Clive.

      Thank you for your message, you will see the final choices in a very short time! Presales start on September 22nd 😄

      I invite you to contact us during the presales of the straps, and we can inform you about the delivery.

  5. Dussap NICOLAS says:

    Pensez-vous qu il sera possible de commander un bracelet caoutchouc, pour une livraison de NB 24 édition 2, normalement prévue cette automne

    • Elodie
      Elodie says:

      Buenos días Eulalia,

      Gracias por su mensaje. La diferencia en el tamaño de las correas depende del modelo que tenga con nosotros.

      Las correas de 21 mm serán para los modelos DAY41 y Anomaly Evolution de 38 mm

      Las correas de 24 mm son para todos nuestros otros modelos.

      No dudes en llamarnos si no está claro 😎

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