The prototypes have arrived!

It’s always a delight to go from the virtual to the real thing! We’ve just received the prototypes and they are magnificent.


3D images are good, but a full-scale rendering is even better! That’s why, once the design has been chosen, we always move onto a prototyping phase. The aim is simple: to examine the esthetic and ergonomic qualities of the model.

The material used for the prototypes is a PU (polyurethane). It is different from the high quality rubber (FKM: Fluorocarbon Rubber) that we use for production. The aim of the prototypes is to examine their esthetic and ergonomic properties. 

Once approved, the production molds begin to be machined in high-quality steel. This step takes around 3 months.

Prototype creation process

  • Modeling of the strap with 3D design software
  • 3D printing of the model in high-density resin
  • Creation of provisional silicone molds based on the 3D print
  • Vacuum casting of some prototypes
  • Total duration: around 6 to 8 weeks

Color selection

The minimum for production is 300 pieces per color and per size. That’s why we’re going to limit the collection to 3 colors. As we have two different lug widths (24mm and 21mm), that makes 6 variations in total, meaning a minimum of 1,800 pieces for the first orders.

Following your votes, we’ve kept your 6 favorite colors. But we still need your help in selecting the 3 that will be put into production.

5415 votes 5415
5334 votes 5334
3196 votes 3196
5497 votes 5497
649 votes 649
3310 votes 3310

With or without a logo?

Here are a few variants to help us decide whether it would be of interest to add a logo to the strap. Thanks in advance for your votes.

2176 votes 2176
5097 votes 5097
783 votes 783
4826 votes 4826

Next step… pre-orders!

Summer’s going to hot. We’ve still got to refine a few details and take some nice photos and videos, and then the grand opening of pre-orders will be upon us. So, see you September 22 for the realization of this colorful project!

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  1. Bassenne Florian says:

    Je voudrais savoir si les nouveaux bracelets sont compatibles avec la Day41 40mm 1ère Edition et si oui, leur longueur ?
    Je possède une Day41 40mm 1ère Edition que je ne peux porter parce que le bracelet “M” est trop petit !


    • Osman
      Osman says:

      Bonjour Florian !

      Oui tous nos bracelets R41 seront compatibles avec toutes nos montres. Seule la version blanche fera exception : elle ne sera proposer qu’aux détenteurs d’une DAY41.

      Concernant la taille, ce problème sera vite réglé ! En plus de leur design et résistance, il n’y aura que une taille de bracelet, mais suffisamment longue pour être ajustée au micromillimètre ! En effet, la nouvelle boucle permettra de faire un tel ajustement, car le bracelet sera sans trous. Vous pourrez alors également simplement couper l’excédent du bracelet 🙂

  2. André Kümin says:

    Liebes CODE41-Team. In Abstimmung auf die Ausführung der verschiedenen Uhren farblich gelungene Ergänzungen. Kompliment. Salutations Andy

    • Osman
      Osman says:

      Bonjour Chantal !

      Tous nos bracelets en caoutchouc sont compatibles avec nos montres, hormis la version blanche uniquement disponible pour la DAY41 😊

  3. Lambert says:


    J’ai une anomaly 01 mais surtout une NB 24 en attente. Les bracelets sont -ils identiques pour les deux montres ; j’envisage d’en acheter deux et d’interchanger !!

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