Research into materials and colors

Thousands of you voted during the first chapter of this rubber strap project, which seems to have filled you with just as much enthusiasm as it has us.

In general, many of you were happy with the research that we presented to you, but here’s the design that received the majority of the votes.

Different qualities

As explained in the previous chapter, there are various types of rubber, each with its own quality and price. In watchmaking, 4 varieties are typically used :

Medium quality :

– SI (Silicone Rubber). This material is too soft and the quality deteriorates after a few months, leaving visible marks.

Very good quality :

– NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber). Only available in black.

– EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Rubber). Available in various colors.

Excellent quality :

– FKM (Fluoro Carbon Rubber). This is the version that we’ve chosen for you, as it’s the best in terms of quality, appearance, durability, and because it’s available in a multitude of colors.

We were also interested in natural rubber, for its ecological benefits, but it doesn’t suit us because it’s very allergenic and its mechanical properties are insufficient for the requirements of watchmaking.

Color research

Here, as promised, are a few ideas for colors. It’s up to you to decide!

  • 1851
  • 1876
  • 934
  • 1883
  • 1564
  • 932
  • 932
  • 2586

Technical and versatile

Of course, the CODE41 rubber strap will be available for all of our collections. Here’s an overview of our favorite combinations.

  • 1119
  • 1667
  • 767
  • 1615
  • 1509
  • 1720
  • 1428
  • 968


STEP 3, 9 JUN. 2021
Focus on the details
STEP 4, 25 AUG. 2021
Launch of pre-orders

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  1. Thomaso says:

    Hallo zusammen

    Habe ich was falsch verstanden oder geht es nicht um die Farbe des Kautschukbandes? Meine Farbkombination ANOMALY-01 mit schwarzes PVD und schwarzem Band kann ich nicht auswählen…. Am ehesten A3

    • Maurizio
      Maurizio says:

      Nous réfléchissons à la boucle à utiliser. Nous aurons plus d’informations et d’images dans le prochain chapitre 🙂

  2. Matondo anicet says:

    Franchement tout est magnifique je manque de mots ces sont des tres belle montre et le couleurs préféré est le 3 1 b1 je vous prie de bien comprendre a mon choix .

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