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X41 - Fine-watchmaking manufacture movement

Create the first community-designed manufacture movement and democratize Fine Watchmaking
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CHF 2,288,160.07
Creator Edition
Standard Edition for delivery March 2020

Unbelievable !

All 500 X41 Creator Editions have been bought up in less than 72 hours! A huge thanks to all the dreamers who believe in our work! If you missed out on the Creator Edition: from now you can order a standard series X41. It's not numbered, but it's just as magical.

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Quintessential watchmaking

The creation of a high-end movement is quintessential for fans of fine mechanical watchmaking. Until now, that pleasure was reserved for only the most fortunate. For their second project, the CODE41 team has decided to change all of that!

What makes the X41 project so special?

  1. The chance to wear a piece of Fine Watchmaking at a price the competition can't match
  2. Limited edition movement designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in Switzerland
  3. Exclusive architecture and design just for the CODE41 community
  4. Exclusive peripheral oscillating weight only mastered by a handful of brands
  5. Launch price of less than 4,000€, whereas similar pieces cost 20,000€, and often much more
  6. Finished and assembled by hand. Pure watchmaking Art

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Meet the X41 collection

What defines a high-end movement?

These are limited edition movements (around 50 to 1,000) made according to an exclusive design and architecture. The finishing and assembly are performed by hand. The time is generally displayed on the movement, without a dial, in order to showcase the magic of these mechanical sculptures.

Exclusive peripheral oscillating weight

The peripheral weight fitted to the X41 movement is a symbol of the genuine technical feats achieved by only a handful of brands. Many big-name brands have already attempted to integrate such a feature, often only to abandon it because the ball bearing was too loud, inefficient and costly to implement. In the case of the X41 movement, after several years of development, these problems have been resolved by the brand’s partner by machining the components of the ball bearing in-house, in order to guarantee perfect dimensions and finishing.
Peripheral oscillating weight
Standard oscillating weight

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Numbered Creator Edition

CODE41 is not a brand in the traditional sense of the term; it’s more of a community project. The aim is to gather enthusiasts around a watchmaking project, to help it to become a reality. In the process, said members become project Creators.

Supporting the x41 project grants the following benefits:

The X41 watch is more than Swiss Made

For a watch to be Swiss Made, at least 60% of its value must come from Switzerland. The figure for the X41 project is 90%, easily exceeding this requirement. Such a high quantity of Swiss components is very rare! However, the X41 watches will bear no mention of being Swiss Made, as CODE41 has been opposed to this misleading label since the very start.
The X41 project offers unbeatable value and magic for money

Total transparency

With our TTO label, standing for Total Transparency on Origin, we've based our approach around being transparent. We clearly explain the origin and cost of each component and each process.
MOVEMENT 1,620 CHF / 1,435 € SWISS
TOTAL exVAT 1,850 CHF / 1,637 €

What's the secret behind such a high price/quality/magic ratio?

Fine watchmaking is inextricably associated with the world of luxury. The latter is a synonym for inaccessibility, social standing and even ostentation. These subjective criteria have the unfortunate tendency to propel prices to artificially high levels. For the X41 project we are focused on objective values, like high quality and superior expertise. The production costs and margins allowing the project to be profitable are clearly explained. Direct distribution, minimal markups and transparency on costs are all criteria that allow us to offer the X41 at a price that the competition just can't match.
The retail price is not the result of market positioning, but rather a direct reflection of the costs of production

Competing with smartwatches

Smartwatches may appear to be a rival to the traditional watchmaking industry, however, our insights reveal that both styles of watches can work together through the growing trend for the public to wear a traditional watch together with an activity tracker. Our study of 1,000 British smartwatch owners commissioned through OnePoll has revealed that over 88% of users still own and regularly wear a traditional watch. It is great for the X41 project to see that smartwatch users still value a traditional timepiece, there is no reason that they should not be worn together, because they serve completely different purposes.

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Other technical information

Frequency 28,800 turns per hour / 4[Hz]
Crystal Scratch resistant sapphire crystal (front and back)
Pivots Tempered rolled steel. High-quality treatment which prevents premature wearing of the pivots
Adjustment to 5 positions Each movement has been tested for precision in 5 positions. (Industrial movements: in general, 1 in every 50 units is tested in only 2 or 3 positions)
Weight 55 grams / 85 grams with leather strap
Dimensions Diameter: 42mm / Thickness: 11.7mm
Interchangeable strap 24mm / Simple assembly with no need for tools

An industry-leading partner

Developing a fine manufacture movement isn't something you can make up as you go along. which is why we've called on one of the best creators in Switzerland. Timeless Manufacture are distinctive in that they create all of the components used in their movements in-house, except for the balance wheel. This is a fact that deserves to be mentioned, because it's not uncommon to find manufacture movements fitted with components from industrial movements.


  • Founded: 2008
  • Complete mastery of cutting-edge watchmaking expertise
  • High-precision manufacturing department based in Geneva (40 individuals)
  • Watchmaking workshop located in Jura (10 individuals)
  • In-house production of all components except for the balance wheel

No risk, all rewards

Frequently asked questions


As long as your order has not yet been dispatched, you can cancel or modify it for free at any time. From the date of delivery, you have 30 days to return your product for free, unused and in its original packaging, in exchange for a full refund.


No. We've implemented a system in our cart that allows us to calculate and pay your country's respective customs duties and VAT. This means you won't have to pay anything upon receipt of your watch.


No. All of our X41 movements are tested individually by our watchmakers in 5 different positions, and precisely adjusted according to criteria similar to the COSC. In addition, this certification would require us to increase the retail price by several hundred euros, without providing any real added value.

Launch for pre-orders



Finalization of the movement and design of the case.
Read chapter


Case design and titanium validated

Steel : 473 votes
Titanium : 2013 votes
Read chapter


Prototypes, case design and costs

The design of the movement has been approved and the prototypes are in production. Presentation of the design of the box. Detailed announcement of the production costs.
Read chapter


Design evolution and construction

Development appreciated by the community, but with the following comments: remove the red and the arrow, and add the logo.
Read chapter


Grande date validated

With the date : 1'690 votes
Without the date : 654 votes
Read chapter


Rewinding by peripheral weight validated

Manual rewinding : 308 votes
Automatic rewinding : 1607 votes
Read chapter


Launch of project

The creation of the first community-designed movement is arousing enthusiasm in the CODE41 community.
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  1. samir senouci says:

    je suis très happy d’avoir pu commander la X41 parmi les premiers.
    M clodio merci pour ce risque qui récolte ces fruits.
    maintenant il vous reste juste a nous mettre en place un nouveau projet comme une belle montre de plongée et bien sur, pas oublier nos chères dames qui mérite d’avoir leur X41.

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:

      Bonjour Samir,
      Merci pour votre message 🙂 Nous notons vos idées de projet mais effectivement le prochain ce sont les femmes qui seront en fête !

  2. hogbu says:

    Bravo pour cette audace et ce projet communautaire. Présentation remarquable et montre certes un peu costaud et rude comme style mais qui en sa transparence doit, sur le poignet avoir un beau succès! Bravo à toute votre équipe. Bloquant toutes les montres, je pense à des cadeaux possibles.

  3. Sébastien says:


    Ayant précommandé la X41, j’ai constaté que vous ne proposez pas de bracelet métallique. Est-ce prévu dans l’avenir ? Peut-être un bracelet en titane ?

    Meilleures salutations.


  4. Romain says:

    J’ai pu voir La Montre aujourd’hui à Lausanne, mon enthousiasme est confirmé,
    Un très beau mouvement squelette bien ouvert (les ponts ne sont pas trop présents) : et on voit bien le ressort !
    Un sens du détail poussé : tout les index de 1 à 12 sont visibles, même les 5 ; 6 ; 10 et 11 que je n’avais pas vu sur les photos du site.
    Heureux de faire partie des premiers à avoir passé commande. Il ne reste plus qu’à patienter…

  5. Vivat Jonathan says:


    Ayant eu la chance de participer à l’event de samedi 16 mars à Lausanne,
    je tient à remercier particulièrement Claudio, Kevin, Valentine et Jeremiah pour leur accueil et la présentation des prototypes X41.
    Merci aussi à toutes les personnes passionnées et intéressées qui ont participés à ce beau moment de partage communautaire cette après midi. ( je sais maintenant que la version PVD brune de l’anomaly est juste magnifique !!….sûrement la prochaine 😉

    La X41 est un projet « Fou » d’une excellente finition et qui comme sur les vidéos et photos est remarquable ! (Merci Jérémiah !)
    Le mouvement est bien apparent. C’est un vrai plaisir de contempler sur la face les rouages ajustés avec précisions puis d’admirer à l’arriere ce sublime balancier périphérique qui laisse apparaître le pont et la signature « X41 » en arrière plan.
    Les sensations au poignet sont très confortables grâce à un poid ni trop lourd ni trop léger. A chacun son style et à chaque événements son bracelet !! Faites-vous plaisirs ils sont interchangeables avec les anomly et très facilement !!

    Ces moments « évent » sont de vrai plus pour la marque Code 41 et sa communauté.

    Je souhaite autant de succès que la X41 aux projets futures qui s’annoncent 😉

    Merci à toute l’équipe Code 41 pour leur beau travail.

    Jonathan V.

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:

      Merci Jonathan pour votre commentaire 🙂
      Nous avons également eu énormément de plaisir à vous accueillir et votre enthousiasme nous motive pour nos projets futurs !
      A tout bientôt j’espère 🙂

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:


      Malheureusement, les 500 montres numérotées ont été vendues, il n’est plus possible de faire de pré-commande pour celles-ci. 🙁

      Il reste toutefois quelques pièces pour l’édition des 100 X41 standards, qui ne sont elles pas numérotées. Vous pouvez dès à présent vous rendre sur notre site afin de la pré-commander 🙂

  6. Guillaume says:

    Félicitation à toute l’équipe pour cette grande réussite et encore merci pour l’événement organisé a Paris hier soir qui m’a permis de pouvoir apprécier montre en main les prototypes et de rencontrer d’autres fans enthousiastes. Plus qu’à attendre Fevrier 2020, comme ça parait loin !!!

  7. a.mayerowitz@me.com says:

    Superbe projet !…impatient de la découvrir en mains …rdv en février 2020
    Bravo à toute l’équipe …concept véritablement enthousiasmant !
    continuez à nous proposer de belles aventures horlogères