Here it is! The moment you’ve all been waiting for: the latest news on Project X41, the slightly crazy idea of creating a manufacture movement, democratizing fine watchmaking in the process.

Even though we’ll still be offering models with standard movements, Project X41 is the culmination of a dream we share with many of you. The creation of a manufacture movement is considered quintessential in watchmaking by fans of fine mechanical timepieces. Until today, this pleasure was reserved only for the more fortunate. We’re going to change that. Our aim is to offer a launch price of around $4,500/4,000€, whereas the prices of similar pieces run as high as $17,000/15,000€, in some cases even more.


Project X41 has generated a lot of enthusiasm, but it’s also raised a number of questions. In order to address them in as much detail as possible, we ventured to the depths of Swiss watchmaking to pose your questions directly to Damien, our master-watchmaker:

Claudio: They say you need 2 years to make a movement reliable; how does this affect Project X41?
Damien: You do indeed need 2 years to make a movement reliable, but the critical components – the balance wheel, mainspring barrel and wheel train – used for the X41 movement were developed internally, and made reliable several years ago.

Claudio: What makes the X41 movement so exceptional?
Damien: It’s a fine-watchmaking movement that reflects the most in-depth watchmaking expertise. It’s made in Switzerland, in a small production run exclusively for the CODE41 community, and includes plenty of manual processes. In addition, the peripheral oscillating weight integrated into the X41 movement represents real technical prowess only mastered by a handful of brands. Similar watches sell for around $20,000 far from the $4,000 offered by CODE41.

Claudio: Why is this oscillating weight so special?
Damien: Multiple brands have already attempted to integrate a peripheral weight, but most abandoned the project because the ball-bearing was too loud, inefficient, and costly to make. In our case, after years of development, these problems have been resolved by machining and managing the finishing touches (hardening and polishing) of the components of the internal bearing in order to guarantee a perfect dimension and finishing.


It’s important to emphasize that Project X41 has nothing to do with industrial-type skeleton movements. Here’s a brief summary explaining the different types of movements


These are mass-produced (hundreds of thousands) movements whose production is usually automated. The skeleton versions are created by perforating the various plates.
ADVANTAGES: Reliable, no development, low cost: around $30-150.
DISADVANTAGES: Difficult to stand out from the crowd, as this type of movement is used by a large number of brands.


The architecture and methods of production are similar to industrial movements, but the various processes are handled partly internally—by the brand—and partly through subcontractors. In some cases, they are simply modified industrial movement bases.
ADVANTAGES: An exclusive movement generally reserved for a single brand.
DISADVANTAGES: Long, costly development. Similar to industrial movements, but more expensive as the quantities produced are much lower (around 10,000). Cost per unit: around $300-800.


These are movements produced in very small quantities (around 50-1,000), where each component is individually machined according to a specific design and an exclusive architecture. The finishing and assembly are performed by hand. The time is typically read directly from the movement, without a dial; further evidence of the magic of these mechanical sculptures.
ADVANTAGES: Exclusive, exceptional pieces that really showcase the most in-depth watchmaking expertise. Pure watchmaking art.
DISADVANTAGES: Long development time and high cost: around $1,000-2,500 (without any major complication).


Some of you made the very pertinent comment that at these prices, we’re going to find ourselves in competition with the big brands. If, at the same price level, your heart is set on a more prestigious name, it’s obvious that we can’t compete with that. But if it’s the item and its mechanical nature that really catch your attention, then for you Project X41 should represent an unrivaled price-quality-magic ratio.


Since the last chapter, we’ve made great progress on the design and construction of the future X41 movement. We have, of course, taken into account your numerous comments:

  • You voted for the automatic version; we’ve integrated an exclusive peripheral weight.
  • Many of you wanted a date display; we’ve integrated this complication in the most prestigious way possible – with a big date.
  • You thought that reading the time could be easier; we’ve created Luminova indexes, and we’ve also increased the contrast between the hands and the movement.



  • 1545
  • 150


  • 1187
  • 58
  • 843
  • 305
  • 565
  • 277


  • 1070
  • 137
  • 755
  • 41
  • 734
  • 12
  • 587
  • 9


The aim is to construct this new case by utilizing the preexisting codes of our ANOMALY models. Work is already in progress, and we’ll be able to give you a more complete idea of what to expect in the next chapter, but for now, here are a few drawings.

  • 675
  • 13
  • 610
  • 29
  • 304
  • 125
  • 377
  • 95


14 March, 2018: Preliminary ideas
18 April, 2018: Integration of big date
31 Oct, 2018: Construction of the movement
5 Dec, 2018: Development of the design
6 Feb, 2019: Finalization
12 March, 2019: Launch for preorders


So, what do you think? Leave us a comment; we need your opinion!

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  1. jean-jacques says:

    Je regarde souvent les montres pour mon plaisir visuel , et les montres squelettes m’attirent , pour leur mécanisme , je pense que celles que vous développez seront un grand succès pour une clientèle sensible au raffinement , vos montres , sont des bijoux , et vous savez en parler ! elles ne sont plus dans mon budget hélas .
    quelle belle aventure que vous vivez là , la mienne s’est arrêtée , la SEP m’a rattrapée et fauchée les projets , bonne chance à vous tous et au plaisir de vous suivre ! Meilleurs salutations de Bretagne

  2. says:

    mir gefällt das Projekt x 41 gut, ich bin ein Fan der blauen Variante. Sehr schön das Großdatum. Falls die Uhr jetzt noch im preislichen Rahmen liegt wäre sie eine Überlegung wert. Es kommt nun auf eure Marge an, die Ihr pro Uhr erzielen wollt,
    Viele Grüße
    Ralf Westenberger

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Vielen Dank. Wir freuen uns dass Sie Ihnen das Projekt X41 gefällt. Wir versuchen eine unschlagbares Preis Leistungsverhältnis zu bieten. Bei den ersten Vorbestellungen am 12. März wird es ein einen Preisnachlass zum Start des Projektes geben.

  3. PIAT Hervé says:

    Et félicitations pour le chemin parcouru..Une nouvelle philosophie si disruptive dans un milieu grandement traditionnel appelle une énergie , des talents remarquables au service de rigueurs plurielles dans la gestion de vos projets.
    Pas de faute majeure sur les 2 premières collections ouvrant la voie vers ce projet leader X-41 si prometteur.
    Impatient de découvrir la suite du processus courant janvier …je serai acteur pour le temps des pré-commandes d’un produit jusqu’ici fort peu accessible financièrement.

    Bravo à toute la petite équipe, et.. durant cette trêve festive de bascule calendaire, je vous adresse tous mes vœux pour cette année 2019 si grande d’enjeux et défis…

  4. says:

    Guten Abend
    Ich habe vor einer Woche meine Anomaly-01 bekommen und bin einfach begeistert von dieser Uhr,ehrlich wenn ihr Team es wirklich fertig bringt die x41 um den Preis von +_ 3000€ zukommen bin ich einer von den ersten Besteller im März 2019 ,warte schon auf Neuigkeiten ab 5 Dezember vielen Danck. Freuhe mich schon jetzt die x41 tragen zu können ??Wünsche dem code41team viel Glück .

  5. Martin Hackl says:

    Hallo alle miteinander,
    gegenüber dem alten Design enorme Fortschriitte gemacht,klasse Datum,schöne Farbvarianten,wobei Rot ein Muss ist und mein Favorit.Klar ablesbare Zeiger super.Bin schon gespannt auf das endgültige Design.Wenn das so weiter geht werde ich bei den Vorbestellern dabei sein.Schade ist nur dass so viele Kommentare auf Französich sind,so dass ich nur Teile verstehe. LG Martin

  6. Mask says:

    Bonjour je voulais vous féliciter pour vos performances et aussi de votre écoute pour ce futur projet, pour ma part il y a quand même encore un petit détail qui me déplaît. Ce sont les deux petits cylindres en plexi ou en plastique que je trouve beaucoup moins classieux sinon tout le reste me convient vraiment beaucoup. Est-ce qu’il y aurait un autre design que vous préparez pour afficher la date plus discrètement. Merci à toute l’équipe pour c’est montre vraiment fabuleuse.

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