News on the X41

More than a month after the closure of the X41 pre-order campaign, which was as thrilling as it was successful, it’s now time to move on to phase 2 of the project: PRODUCTION!

But first, we want to thank you, all of our members who demonstrated your confidence in this somewhat crazy project. All of the members of the CODE41 community who enabled us to realize this dream, which some called unattainable or unachievable.

Because now, with the X41 project, the transformation of the watchmaking world is no longer an aim, but a concrete reality.

Here’s a reminder of some key information and figures

World firsts

  • First Fine Watchmaking crowdfunding campaign in the world
  • First manufacture movement created by a community of enthusiasts
  • Record time for raising funds in Fine Watchmaking: $1,000,000 in less than 3 hrs, then $2,000,000 in 72 hrs

Key figures

  • Final pre-order total: $2,800,000 (700 watches, including 50 Creator Editions)
  • X41 sales have come almost entirely from the CODE41 Community, and 50% of them already own an Anomaly model

Looking forward

Phase 2 of the project has already begun for us, and it’s time that you learn a little more about the very concrete stage of producing this piece of Fine Watchmaking.
The adventure doesn’t stop with the figures from the end of the campaign; it continues with you, backstage. Are you ready?

What’s been happening since April 12th?

Refinement and planning

First of all, the implementation of this type of production line requires lots of preparation and planning. That’s what we’ve been working on, drawing on our first experience with the Anomaly collection, which the majority of you proudly sport every day. Project management, refining the initial schedule, compressing the stages of production, packaging (more information in due course), purchasing the raw materials, calibrating the prototypes; it has all been, and continues to be, quite intense!

Improvements to the prototype

This is what prototypes are for: making improvements until we arrive at what we consider to be an optimal end product. Some improvements have therefore been made.

Improvements to the edges

We found them to be too sharp, and deemed it necessary to soften and satinate them

Improvement of the crown

The cogs, screws, pins, pivots, plates and gearwheels are already in production

Improvements to the cylinders
on the lugs

The X41 is made up of 297 components. Some are purely decorative. Others are essential to the correct functioning of the movement. This is why we’ve launched the production of a number of vital parts of the X41 movement, namely the axles, screws, cogs, pins, plates, bearings and pivots.

The cogs, screws and pins are made from steel. The pivots are made from rolled tempered steel. This high-quality treatment helps to prevent any premature wear and tear.

What’s next?

You’ll be regularly updated on the progress of your X41. Above all, we want to reassure you that your baby is in good hands and that production is already well and truly underway.
For those with a workshop visit included in their package, we’ll give you more information on the practicalities in the coming months. The visits will the place around September.

The X41 adventure continues; we’re going to experience it together, from the inside. Watch this space!

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  1. martin rybar says:

    Hallo Creator , waere moglich noch CODE41 bestellen ?Es sieht wirklich gut aus 🙂
    Vielen Dank

    Martin Rybar , Prague

    • marcia
      marcia says:

      Ciao Orazio,

      i pre-ordini non sono più possibili. Sentitevi liberi di unirvi alla lista d’attesa nel caso in cui venga lanciata una nuova serie.
      A presto!

  2. says:

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    liefern Sie Ihre Uhren auch mit einem Metallarmband?

    Höre gern von Ihnen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Dr. Bernd Heitmann

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse! Ja, wir liefern die Uhren auch mit Edelstahl-Armbändern, auf unserer Website kann man bei der Bestellung die Armbänder auswählen.

    • marcia
      marcia says:

      Ciao Stefano,
      Le consegne sono previste tra dicembre 2019 e marzo 2020. Si prega di notare, tuttavia, che i pre-ordini non sono più possibili. Sentitevi liberi di unirvi alla lista d’attesa nel caso in cui venga lanciata una nuova serie.
      A presto!

  3. says:

    Das ist eine Uhr die mich begeister. Das blaue Model finde ich Edel und Sportlich zugleich.
    Bin gespannt wie die Preis entwicklung sein wird.

    • marcia
      marcia says:

      Hello Derrick,
      The pre-orders are closed since April. You can still subscribe to the waiting list in case we would start a new serie.
      Have a good day!

  4. Olivier DUBOIS says:

    Vous ne parlez pas d’une production additionnelle pour les derniers arrivés. Qu’en est il exactement ?

    • marcia
      marcia says:

      Bonjour Olivier,
      Le lancement d’une nouvelle série est toujours en discussion, nous n’avons pas encore d’information à transmettre à ce sujet.
      N’hésitez pas à vous inscrire à la liste d’attente afin de rester informé sur un éventuel nouveau lancement.
      A bientôt!

  5. says:

    Ok il prodotto sembra magnifico però bisogna vederlo personalmente. C’è un piccolo problema i cinturini il prezzo è troppo alto ! Anche perché vedendo
    che certe parti dell’orologio è assemblato in Cina i cinturini costano forse meno della metà ! Che garanzia c’è sull’orologio in caso di guasto dove si de v e portare? Grazie in attesa distinti saluti

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:


      Infatti, le Anomalie sono assemblate in China. Se siete interessati ai dettagli del prezzo di vendita, lo spieghiamo in modo trasparente al link sottostante.

      Per quanto riguarda il servizio post-vendita, lavoriamo con centri di riparazione in Svizzera e Francia. Ci prendiamo cura del vostro orologio da casa vostra, risolviamo il problema e lo inviamo a casa vostra.

      Per quanto riguarda il progetto X41, vi ricordo che questo orologio ha un movimento progettato, prodotto e montato interamente in Svizzera in piccole serie. La finitura e il montaggio sono fatti a mano e anche in Svizzera. Siamo su un prodotto di orologi di lusso: -)

      Se avete ulteriori domande, non esitate a contattare il nostro servizio clienti. Saremo lieti di rispondervi.

      Buona giornata!

  6. Carrère Eric says:

    Pensez vous réduire la taille d’une de vos montres, car le boitier me semble un peu imposant. Ne voyez pas une critique dans ma question, mais juste un avis sans valeur, qui n’engage qu’une affaire de gout.

    • marcia
      marcia says:

      Bonjour Eric,
      Le design de nos montres est le fruit d’un travail commun avec nos membres, et est en phase avec les tendances du marché, ainsi que les attentes des amateurs de montres.
      Nous prenons toutefois bonne note de votre remarque 🙂