In the X41 workshop with the Master Watchmaker

X41 project forecast

Damien, our master watchmaker, is confident about the schedule for the first 300 pieces: the Creator Editions will be delivered in good time!

All of the movement components have now been delivered

The 297 components of the movement of the Fine Watchmaking X41 have all been received at the workshop, fresh from being machined, decorated (finishing, polishing) and colorized.

For the workshop, it’s now time to proceed with the inspection of every part.

Inspection before assembly

In fact, even though the Régence factory is known for taking their work seriously and for the precision of the parts they produce, Fine Watchmaking sets itself apart from traditional watchmaking through regular inspections at each major step of the production process.

Damien and his team are equipped with machines designed specifically for checking the alignment of holes and calibrating the components of the movement. Nothing is left to chance. It’s also essential to go over the X41 movement´s 33 jewels with a fine-tooth comb, to ensure that the jewel bearings move correctly.

After all of these steps for ensuring that all of the movement’s parts are perfect, the next, grandiose step is the assembly of this Fine Watchmaking movement. The part that Swiss watchmakers so cherish. Concentration, dexterity, holding their breath during delicate moments; assembling a movement is almost a birth in its own right. Next the movement is mounted within the titanium case (in this case grade 2 titanium, much lighter than steel), which finally provides a result from the hours and hours of meticulous work put into each X41.

In the video, you can see Damien wearing an X41; this isn’t just for the camera, but in fact to test the watch “in situ”. The precision of the movement and its peripheral oscillating weight, the power reserve (45 hours), watertightness… Speaking of the peripheral oscillating weight and watertightness, we should remember that before the Master Watchmaking and selected members of his team try the X41 on their wrist, extremely precise machines have already carried out the necessary tests. In order to test the rewinding function, a specific machine simulates wrist movements over several days. Watertightness (5 ATM, 50 meters) is checked using a covered, compressed air machine.

Projected schedule

The 300 Creator Editions will be ready for delivery in December

The 200 X41 Creator Pack Editions will be assembled in Damien’s workshop from December, upon receipt of the parts, for an estimated February 2020 delivery.

The final series of 200 X41 Standard Edition pieces will be produced immediately after, for delivery in March 2020


The X41 adventure goes on, and we’re still just as excited about it. And the icing on the cake? For now, we’re not expecting any delays with the first series of 300 Creator Edition watches.

Any questions? The comment section awaits.

A special mention to all those people on the X41 waiting list: keep your eyes peeled, as some good news could be on its way shortly 😉

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    Je viens de m’inscrire sur la liste d’attente pour disposer d’une X41
    Comment vérifier que je suis bien enregistré ?
    Quelle sera approximativement la date de fabrication ? et de livraison ?
    Est-il possible de me contacter en cas d’annulation d’une réservation d’une X41 d’un client.
    A vous lire

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:

      Bonjour Jean-Luc,
      Nous vous remercions pour votre message.
      Nous avons contrôlé et nous vous avons inscrit sur la liste, maintenant c’est sûr 🙂
      Vous serez contacté en cas d’annulation. Il est difficile de vous dire la date de livraison. Cela dépend de l’annulation, cela peut être en mai, septembre, octobre, novembre et si vous êtes vraiment chanceux février ou mars 😉

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:

      Thank you for your message.
      We invite you to come back on January 29th, the price will be automatically calculated with taxes&duties and shipping included.
      Have a lovely day 🙂

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:

      Hello Nasir,
      Thanks for your message 🙂
      Do not hesitate to register on the waiting list, to be contacted in case of cancellation.
      Have a lovely day!

  2. says:

    Je viens de m’inscrire sur la liste d’attente pour disposer de ce bijou de technologie.
    Comment vérifier que c’est bien enregistré ?
    A vous lire

    • Valentine
      Valentine says:

      Bonjour Alexandre,
      Nous vous remercions pour votre message.
      Nous avons vérifié, et vous êtes bien inscrit 🙂
      Bonne journée!

    • Claudio
      Claudio says:

      Thanks for your message. All the information we have is on the website. if you need more don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email