X41(November 2019): where are we?

Wondering what we’ve been up to with your X41 since you ordered in November 2019? Here’s a little news bulletin that’s certain to answer at least some of your questions.

The machining of the watches is already underway

Before assembling all of the parts of a movement, first you have to machine them. This is done through a process called milling (for the bridges and plates). It starts out as a small, square brass plate. Then, cutters and drill bits remove sections of the material in order to sculpt the final piece.

Discover how the watches are machined in the first 65 seconds of this video:

What’s the purpose of the plates and bridges?

The plate (1) is the base of the movement, as all of the other parts are placed on top of it. There’s one plate per movement. 450 plates will be produced for the X41s ordered in November.

The bridges (2):

  • hold the parts placed on the plate in place (sandwiched)
  • house the parts of a complication (Grande Date bridge)

There are 5 bridges per movement and, as with the plates, they are made from brass, decorated and colored (metal, blue or black). 2,250 bridges will be produced for this edition.

Plates and bridges in this exploded-view drawing of the X41 movement:

Next after machining: coloring

Once the bridges and plates have been machined, next comes the coloring phase. There are 2 types of coloring:

  • electroplating deposits a very fine coat of metal on a part through electrolysis (in a bath):
    • metal movement: nickel coating
    • black movement: NAC coating (platinoid alloy)
  • the CVD (Chemical vapor deposition) treatment is applied in an airtight oven in a controlled atmosphere for blue movements. This is a method of vacuum deposition for thin films. Starting from precursor gases, the substrate is exposed to one or more precursors in a gaseous state, which then react with and/or break down on the surface of the substrate, leading to the desired deposition.

Next steps

There are many different steps to come. In fact, Fine Watchmaking requires a great degree of meticulousness and precision; especially the control phases:

  • Receipt of components followed by dimensional checks.
  • Decoration and coloring of the brass (sandblasting, bead-blasting, polishing, damaskeening/Geneva stripes, diamond polishing, and chamfering).
  • Decoration and coloring of the cogs, weights and bearings.
  • Assembly T0: parts which will no longer be removable (cogwheel mounted on an axle, jewel bearing set into the plate, etc…)
  • Assembly T1: parts which are removable, assembly of the movement
  • T2: packaging.
  • Final checks

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  1. Daniel Lanz says:

    Diese Uhr finde ich hervorragend, jedoch Uhrenbestandteile aus China halten mich von einem Kauf ab.
    Freundliche Grüsse

  2. Patrick Musci says:

    Es heisst immer “Uhrwerk komplett aus der Schweiz”. Für mich heisst das, dass der Rest eben NICHT aus der Schweiz stammt.
    Steht auch daher nichts von swiss made im Zifferblatt?
    Daher keine Option für mich

    • Jens Mahnke says:

      Ich vermute, sie haben das TTO-Label überlesen. Insgesamt kommen 90 % der Komponenten der X41 aus der Schweiz. Für “Swiss Made” reichen 60%, wie es von vielen Mitbewerbern auch gehandhabt wird. Ich kann also ihren Beitrag nicht verstehen? Mögen sie also lieber mehr Komponenten aus dem Ausland in ihrer Schweizer Uhr? Hier auf der Webseite steht doch alles ganz transparent und einfach erklärt.

    • Osman
      Boolakee Osman says:

      Hej !

      Tak for din interesse i vores X41 🤩

      Forsalget af edition 6 vil finde sted i april 2022 og prisen er omkring 5390CHF afhængigt af den valgte model 🙂

      Det er et urværk, der udelukkende er udviklet til vores behov, og som integrerer en perifer oscillerende vægt, der sjældent anvendes i branchen, med en stor dato og med en high-end finish i materialer som Titanium eller Aerocarbon. Desuden går X41 videre end “Swiss Made”-kriterierne med mere end 90 % schweizisk værdi.

      Du kan se kollektionen ved at skrive dig på vores venteliste her (ingen købsforpligtelse):


      Tøv ikke med at kontakte os, hvis du har yderligere spørgsmål 😊

  3. pcarr560@gmail.com says:

    What beautiful watches, I only know about X41from a add on my phone otherwise I wouldnt have known about them.
    They look superb pieces of chronography. I will need to start saving my pennies to afford one. Saying that Im not sure which model I would choose they all look magnificent and would suite my wrist very nicely.

  4. Zappala says:

    Bonjour, proposez vous un payement échelonnée? 24 mois 😅 et à la fin dès payements je récupère la montre qu’en pensez-vous?

    • Osman
      Boolakee Osman says:

      Bonjour 🙂

      Merci pour votre message !

      Nous proposons effectivement une possibilité de paiement échelonné, mais jusqu’à un maximum de 6 mensualités, selon les modèles !

      N’hésitez pas à prendre contact avec notre équipe Community Care pour plus d’informations ! 😊

  5. Nicolas Favre says:


    Oups je corrige mon message précédent, il s’agit bien de la NB24 Carbon. Des nouvelles sur la livraison?

    Meilleures salutations,

    • Osman
      Boolakee Osman says:

      Bonjour Nicolas,

      Merci pour votre message 🙂

      Vous avez reçu un email hier vous donnant des nouvelles de votre commande. Si vous ne l’avez pas reçu ou rencontrez un quelconque problème à ce sujet, n’hésitez pas à contacter notre service Community Care !

      Une belle journée à vous 😊

    • Osman
      Boolakee Osman says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for your interest in our “Haute Horlogerie” Timepiece !

      We only sell our watches on preorders on our website during certain periods in a year. The 6th edition is planned for summer 2022 and you can already sign up to our waiting list to stay informed on our project page 😀

      We stay at your disposal for any further information you may have.

      Kindest regards !

  6. Rufin nyamsi bitba says:

    Bonjour c’est génial lisant tout les détails de la X41 j’aimerais être dans la liste de la précommande de l’automne 2022 je suis intéressé par la X41 qui coûte 5550€

    • Osman
      Boolakee Osman says:


      Merci de votre intérêt pour notre X41 ! Très bon choix ! 🙂

      Vous pouvez volontiers vous inscrire sur notre liste d’attente de notre page projet “X41” afin de rester informé des dernières actualités au sujet de ce modèle 😁 Vous serez alors informé de la date des précommandes au printemps 2022 😊

      Nous restons à votre disposition pour toute question ☎

  7. Dr. Dieter Löhmann says:

    Hallo, bin seit einer Woche Besitzer der X41 Edition 4, bin begeistert trotz langer langer Wartezeit..
    Nun begeistert mich schon wieder die Edition 5, tolles Design, Anmeldezeit vorbei, aber sicher kommt dann die 6….

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