X41(November 2019): where are we?

Wondering what we’ve been up to with your X41 since you ordered in November 2019? Here’s a little news bulletin that’s certain to answer at least some of your questions.

The machining of the watches is already underway

Before assembling all of the parts of a movement, first you have to machine them. This is done through a process called milling (for the bridges and plates). It starts out as a small, square brass plate. Then, cutters and drill bits remove sections of the material in order to sculpt the final piece.

Discover how the watches are machined in the first 65 seconds of this video:

What’s the purpose of the plates and bridges?

The plate (1) is the base of the movement, as all of the other parts are placed on top of it. There’s one plate per movement. 450 plates will be produced for the X41s ordered in November.

The bridges (2):

  • hold the parts placed on the plate in place (sandwiched)
  • house the parts of a complication (Grande Date bridge)

There are 5 bridges per movement and, as with the plates, they are made from brass, decorated and colored (metal, blue or black). 2,250 bridges will be produced for this edition.

Plates and bridges in this exploded-view drawing of the X41 movement:

Next after machining: coloring

Once the bridges and plates have been machined, next comes the coloring phase. There are 2 types of coloring:

  • electroplating deposits a very fine coat of metal on a part through electrolysis (in a bath):
    • metal movement: nickel coating
    • black movement: NAC coating (platinoid alloy)
  • the CVD (Chemical vapor deposition) treatment is applied in an airtight oven in a controlled atmosphere for blue movements. This is a method of vacuum deposition for thin films. Starting from precursor gases, the substrate is exposed to one or more precursors in a gaseous state, which then react with and/or break down on the surface of the substrate, leading to the desired deposition.

Next steps

There are many different steps to come. In fact, Fine Watchmaking requires a great degree of meticulousness and precision; especially the control phases:

  • Receipt of components followed by dimensional checks.
  • Decoration and coloring of the brass (sandblasting, bead-blasting, polishing, damaskeening/Geneva stripes, diamond polishing, and chamfering).
  • Decoration and coloring of the cogs, weights and bearings.
  • Assembly T0: parts which will no longer be removable (cogwheel mounted on an axle, jewel bearing set into the plate, etc…)
  • Assembly T1: parts which are removable, assembly of the movement
  • T2: packaging.
  • Final checks

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  1. Zach says:

    I am interested in the x41 watch 5th edition on a rubber strap.
    When preorders will start for this model will it be able to order it on a rubber strap and chose the color (like with leather straps) or i should already buy aeparately a rubber strap (… without even knowing when i could get the watch)?

    • Maurizio
      Maurizio says:

      Hi Zach !

      We will offer the possibility to order a rubber strap in the future pre-orders of the X41 so you can wait and customize your watch exactly how you want it 😉

      • Pierre Kinosky says:

        Serait il possible d’avoir mon nom ainsi que mon prénom gravé quelque part sur la montre? Aurais-je la possibilité d’un paiement en plusieurs fois ? Et encore Bravo pour vos chefs d’oeuvre.

      • Pierre Kinosky says:

        C’est vraiment formidable, preuves que si des efforts sont produits, nous arrivons à un résultat exceptionnel, votre politique de pré-commande devrait être conseillée et développée voir adoptée par moult entreprises. Vraiment Bravo!!!

  2. Peter Horbye says:

    Good afternoon. I am interested to have my name on th etlist for the X41 Titanium. Is it possible to order 2 different straps?
    Where do I put my name down and do you require a deposit?

    • Maurizio
      Maurizio says:

      Hello Peter,

      I have added you to the waiting list of the X41 which means that you will receive an Email to let you know when we open the pre-orders.
      There is no deposit needed or obligation of purchase if you are in the list. You can order multiple straps with the watch in leather, titanium, or (coming soon) rubber 🙂

  3. edwardmoakes@yahoo.co.uk says:

    Hello Elodie, please see my previous question regarding the availability of the Day 37mm and Anomaly Evolution 38mm models. Are these available in grey titanium with a grey strap and, if so, what is the price and could I be added to the waiting list for the Edition 5 models, please?

  4. edwardmoakes@yahoo.co.uk says:

    It appears that the standard width of the X41 titanium is 42mm. I have a narrow wrist and would prefer the Day 37mm, or Anomaly Evolution 38mm. Are these models also readily available and, other than being of narrower width, are they the same in appearance as the X41?

    • Elodie
      Elodie says:

      Buenos días Angel,

      Si, por este modelo, proponemos un pago en 6 veces, por tarjeta 😁

      La única condición es tener una tarjeta de crédito Visa, Mastercard o American Express 😉

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