The X41 is back for Edition 6: the new features

2022 has started with a flourish at CODE41. Having already given you news on the Mecascape, a completely crazy project that goes off the beaten track, and then offered up our Watch Winder collection for recharging your precious timepieces in the most beautiful of boxes, we’re back with a first-rate announcement. Yes, you read the title right: the X41 is back with an Edition 6!

A truly exceptional example of watchmaking, the X41 is the result of long months of development between the CODE41 teams and the members of the community, with the aim of making Fine Watchmaking accessible to all in its purest form. The result: a skeleton watch with an exclusive movement made and assembled entirely in Switzerland, notably featuring a peripheral oscillating weight, a rare and costly technical feature currently mastered by only a handful of brands. A level of technicality that’s quite simply impossible to find on the watch market at this price.

After pre-orders for the Edition 5 in June 2021, many of you asked us which changes would be made for the Edition 6, initially scheduled for summer 2022. So we’ve been working on the subject. Assiduously. And the least we can say is that you won’t be disappointed!

Some color for the bridges

We wanted to offer new colors for the X41’s bridges. In order to do so, we’ve collaborated with Positive Coating, Swiss specialists in surface treatments and decorating watch components.

And as always, it’s up to you to decide. Vote now for the color of the Edition 6’s bridges from the selection below:

283 votes 283
479 votes 479
252 votes 252
1192 votes 1192
214 votes 214
1178 votes 1178
758 votes 758
965 votes 965
1346 votes 1346

Ceramic bezel

What is ceramic, and what advantages does it offer?

Ceramic is a material widely used in watchmaking, due to the many benefits it offers. First appearing in the 1980s, today it is used in high-end watch models and is offered in a wide variety of different compositions.

We’ve studied the idea of adding a ceramic bezel in a choice of several colors for the X41, for the many advantages that it offers, both esthetic and material. As this could lead to a slight increase in price in comparison with the current models, the decision is up to you.

They all share the same qualities; ceramic is: 

Resistant to oxidation


Extremely resistant to scratches

(which is why some even boast of their “scratch-proof” nature)

Very hard

Allowing to avoid (or mostly avoid) suffering the ravages of time (no deformation)

Would you be thrilled with this development?
(extra cost around 350 CHF/350 EUR) 

1596 votes 1596
586 votes 586

If so, what’s your favorite color?

275 votes 275
356 votes 356
998 votes 998
398 votes 398
356 votes 356
909 votes 909

Sizeable suprises still to come

The changes don’t stop there for this new Edition. But we can’t say any more for now, as the team is still working on finalizing the technical details of the project.

Still just a little more patience required before we can reveal the surprises that we’ve got in store…

Pre-orders: from summer to spring!

The wait. When you decide to take the leap and acquire a Fine Watchmaking piece, the wait is always very long and hard. You always want everything, straight away! 

So in order to alleviate this ordeal, we’ve moved around our project calendar for 2022. The result: we’ve managed to move the pre-orders forward to spring. Take note of this date: on Tuesday, April 12, pre-orders will open for the X41 Edition 6, for a duration of 3 weeks and not a day longer. Prepare yourselves!

Next steps

You have two weeks to take part in the voting phase, which will determine the color selected for decorating the bridges of the X41 Edition 6, as well as the choice of whether or not to go with a ceramic bezel.

Then, from April 12, you’ll be able to head over to the project page to discover all of the new features and developments that we’ve introduced for this new Edition, including the surprises we have in store 😉. You’ll be able to directly pre-order the X41 of your dreams in the configuration of your choosing!

Comments and suggestions

If you have any ideas, observations or questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below; we’ll be delighted to respond to them!

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  1. says:

    dans la descripetion vous avancez “3 600CHF contre 160CHF pour un boîtier titane”, le prix de vente de la montre avec cadran en saphir est quasiment 10000 euros de plus que celui en titane. comment expliquer vous de cette marge? sinon le cadran en saphir est très réussite bravo.

      • Zaineb
        Zaineb says:


        Très bonne question ! Comme vous le savez, le saphir est l’une des matières les plus dures au monde, son coût de fabrication est extrêmement élevé, et son usinage est très long et très délicat. C’est donc une prouesse que de réussir à l’usiner.

        Le prix d’un boitier Saphir est 22x plus cher qu’un boitier Titane, mais le prix final de la montre lui n’est que 3x plus élevé ⌚ Nous avons fait le maximum, comme toujours, pour proposer un prix cohérent en fonction de la prouesse technique de production.

  2. Simon Burkhardt says:

    Aus was für einem Material sind die beiden drehenden Scheiben des Grossdatums gemacht? Habe zuerst an Glas gedacht, aber da diese nicht ganz transparent sind, könnte es auch Kunststoff sein? Schöner wäre hier eine komplett transparente Lösung.

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Hallo Simon,

      vielen Dank für Ihr Kommentar! 👍

      Wir werden uns Ihre tollen Vorschläge auf jeden Fall notieren, so dass wir diese bei zukünftigen Projekten in Btracht ziehen können.

  3. Simon Burkhardt says:

    Wunderschönes Design. Bitte macht eine Metallschliesse mit Feinjustierung wie bei der Omega Seamaster. Ist ein tolles Komfortfeature, weil sich die Dicke des Handgelenks ständig verändert, je nach Temperatur, Tageszeit etc.

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Hallo Simon,

      vielen Dank für Ihren tollen Vorschlag.

      Ihre Ideen habe ich bereites schon in meinen wöchentlichen berichten erwähnt. Versprechen darf ich Ihnen leider nichts, aber alles ist möglich 🙂

  4. Fabio Mentasti says:

    Progetto fantastico. Vi seguo sin dagli inizi. Mi piacerebbe avere un aerocarbon ma potrei pagarlo solo a rate. E non ho capito il costo. E’ possibile?
    Grazie e avanti così …..

    • Zaineb
      Zaineb says:

      Ciao Fabio,

      Buone notizie! Puoi pagare il tuo orologio in 4 o 6 transazioni senza costi aggiuntivi. ⌚ Grazie per il tuo supporto!

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