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A young Swiss start-up has decided to revolutionize traditional Swiss watchmaking by offering complete transparency on the origin and prices of its watches. A blessing for consumers, who will finally be granted access to fine mechanical timepieces at affordable prices.

1,100 watches snapped up in a matter of days

CODE41 is THE start-up which has been exciting the curiosity of watch enthusiasts for some months now, as well as creating a real buzz in the press. Their aim: to create high-quality mechanical watches for a fair price. Since the moment their website went online, thousands of individuals have signed up as members of the CODE41 community snapped up the first 1,100 watches put up for sale. CODE41 could well be the new watch brand that’s going to revolutionize watchmaking in 2019.


Precision, efficiency and reliability, all associated with a long tradition of cutting-edge industry, are a few of the characteristics that typify the quality of Swiss watchmaking. For consumers, this quality has often been associated with the Swiss Made label. This label allows a watchmaker to certify their watches as “Swiss Made” if at least 60% of the cost price of the watch as a whole (not just its movement) comes from Switzerland.

According to CODE41, the problem is that this label is in no way a guarantee of quality. Through short, acerbic videos like those below, CODE41 is revealing that this label can also mislead consumers; many naturally believe that a Swiss Made watch is 100% made in Switzerland.

In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, CODE41 uses both Swiss and foreign components in the creation of its watches. These parts are selected for their distinctive characteristics and high price-quality ratio, not merely to fit the criteria of a label. CODE41 watches are high-quality and manufactured in the best workshops, which have been producing a great of number of components for Swiss brands for decades.

Bringing back fairer prices through total transparency

Traditional watchmaking has always maintained a certain secrecy around its prices, often to avoid having to reveal the watchmakers’ margins and the origin of their products.

By shattering this opacity, CODE41 is able to offer a high-quality mechanical watch for a fair price! In fact, the brand is employing a totally transparent pricing policy and placing a fixed limit on its mark-up on each of its watches. Buyers know the exact production cost of the watch, the origin of each part and the profit margin added by CODE41 to the retail price.


Despite the resounding success of their project and numerous requests from the media, CODE41 want to stick close to their values, and even more so their members, for whom the entirety of the limited production run is reserved. The brand also treats its members to a number of other benefits:

  • Frequent updates on the brand’s secret projects, all part of their watchmaking revolution
  • Access to unprecedented revelations about the watchmaking industry
  • Priority access to upcoming models

But in the face of a massive influx of new members, the brand is reportedly planning to limit registration on their website in the near future.


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