Cookies & Similar Technologies Disclosures

We are providing this list to give you transparency into the cookies and similar technologies used by CODE41. While CODE41’s technologies change over time, the following tables provide brief descriptions of the key technologies used on CODE41 properties.

1. Who are we?

The website (“Website”) is operated by:

  • the company CODE41 SA, headquartered at Chemin de Mornex 3, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland (“CODE41”). Email:, Telephone: +33 9 74 59 20 36

2. Usage of cookies

By way of this policy, the user is informed that the website uses cookies and/or tracers.

These are liable to be installed on your device subject to the choices and options that you have selected or might select at any moment, in accordance with this cookies policy.

3. What is the purpose of this cookies policy?

In the interests of information and transparency, this cookies policy is intended to allow the user to know more about the origin and purpose of the navigation data processed when they are browsing sites and their respective rights.

4. What are cookies?

Cookies are small blocks of data sent to the browser by a web server. The term “cookie” covers the various tracers that are deposited on or read by a computer, tablet, or mobile, for example while browsing a website, application, advertisement, or when using software. The aim of a cookie is to collect data on the user’s browsing habits. This data can be used for different purposes, including: to be able to identify users and allow them to access their account, memorize a language, expiration date or response domain, or gather statistics, particularly on the use made of the Website or other websites or applications.

Throughout the duration of validity of the cookie in question, it enables the retention of status information when a browser accesses the different pages of a website or when said browser later returns to the same website.

Only the sender of the cookie can read or modify the data contained within.

We use four types of cookie:

  • Functional cookies: these are required for (certain parts of) the website to function or to fulfill our obligations, particularly in legal terms.
  • Preference cookies: these allow the retention of data which modifies the way in which the website behaves or is displayed, such as your preferred language or the region in which you are located.
  • Analytical cookies: these are required to be able to analyze how our Website is used and how we can make it better and more attractive for the visitor.
  • Marketing cookies: thanks to these cookies, we see which products you find interesting, and we can show you targeted advertisements or personal offers and send personalized newsletters.

5. Why do we use cookies?

Some of these cookies have the sole purpose of enabling or facilitating electronic communication.

Others are strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service at your express demand.

Others still are used to improve navigation through analysis of the browsing habits of internet users.

The main purposes of the cookies in use are:

  • keeping a record of visitors and identifying the way in which they use the websites;
  • keeping a record of and differentiating visits;
  • adapting the display according to your preferences and according to the specifications of your device;
  • identifying the website or search engine through which you reached our websites;
  • managing and tracking your choices in terms of cookies;
  • managing user sessions and the functions of your browser;
  • gathering statistics and performing analyses of visits and usage, navigation, and measurements of visitors and their different areas, with a specific view to improving them.

6. Which cookies do we use?

The main cookies installed are detailed in the table below:

6.1 Internal cookies

__pwpvcode41watches.com3 months
fvecode41watches.comCODE41 analytics cookie for first visit10 minutes
LDcode41watches.comCODE41 session cookie12 months
_MP_code41watches.comCODE41 beacons and international display types13 months
uacode41watches.comCODE41 browser identification cookie13 months
user_prefscode41watches.comCODE41 user preferences (Parameters)1 day
aelia_cs_selected_currencycode41watches.com1 day
cookie_notice_acceptedcode41watches.com13 months
MgidSensorHrefcode41watches.com3 months
MgidSensorNViscode41watches.com3 months
pstuidcode41watches.com3 months
_dc_gtm_*code41watches.comGoogle Tag Manager for managing third party cookies and technologies1 day

6.2 Third-party, analytical and marketing cookies

NameDomainPurposeLink to third-party privacy policyExpiration date
mc.quantserve.comThese third-party cookies are configured by the Website to track anonymous information on the way in which the users use the website. months
AWSALBAmazon Web ServicesAllows the website to gather cookies generated only by the load balancer days
__cfduidCloudflareCloudflare cookie allowing the website to identify the user for security purposes. months
Test_cookieDoubleclick.netThis cookie allows the website to check if your browser supports cookies day
IDEGoogle advertising cookie13 months
_fbp FacebookUsed by Facebook to provide a series of advertising products, such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers. 3 months
« Datr », « fr », « sb », « wd »Facebook (Personalized audience)
_gcl_auGoogleGoogle advertising cookie months
_dc_gtm_*Google tag manager for managing third-party cookies and technology1 day
_gaThe purpose of this cookie is audience measurement13 months
_gidThe purpose of this cookie is to differentiate users. 24 hr
AIDThis cookie allows the tracking of multi-device user activity when they connect to their Google account from another device.
DSIDThis cookie enables the selection of relevant advertisements2 weeks
1P_JARAnalytical cookie1 month
ANIDGoogle advertising cookie13 months
APISIDThese cookies allow Google to collect usage data for videos hosted on YouTube13 months
CONSENTSaves the user’s cookie consent status for the current domain.
HSIDThis cookie enables the blocking of numerous types of attack, such as the attempted theft of the content of forms that you complete on web pages.13 months
NIDThis NID cookie contains a unique ID allowing Google to save your preferences6 months
SAPISID13 months
SIDEnables the personalization of advertisements on Google sites, such as Google Search.13 months
SIDCCSecurity cookies for protecting user data against any unauthorized access3 months
SSIDThis cookie allows numerous types of attack to be blocked13 months
__hsscHubspotThis cookie ensures that sessions are tracked. mins
__hssrcWhen HubSpot modifies the session cookie, this cookie is also defined in order to determine whether the visitor has refreshed their browser.End of session
__hstcThe main cookie for tracking visitors.13 months
hubspotutkThis cookie enables the trace of user identity to be saved.13 months
bcookieLinkedinBrowser identification cookie year
BizographicsOptOutThe BizographicsOptOut cookie tracks whether the user has chosen not to participate in LinkedIn tracking.10 years
BizoIDThe BizoID cookie stores a unique LinkedIn user ID. Note: the LinkedIn user ID does not contain any identifiable user data.1 months
langAdvertising cookieEnd of session
lidcAdvertising cookie and share button1 day
UserMatchHistoryUsed for the analysis of LinkedIn Insights users and advertising beacons1 month
muidnmgid.comFunction?13 months
__qcaQuantcastMarketing tracer months
DNTTaboolaThis cookie allows the website to know which users who interact with Taboola websites have requested that they not be tracked months
t_gidThis cookie gives the user a user name which is used for the assignation and creation of reports.12 months
personalization_idTwitterThis cookie is implemented through the integration of Twitter and the possibility to share on social media.13 months
woocommerce_cart_hashWoocommerceHelps WooCommerce to determine when the content and data of the cart change. of session
woocommerce_items_in_cartHelps WooCommerce to determine when the content and data of the cart change.
wp_woocommerce_sessionContains a unique code for each client in order to know where the cart data can be found within the database for each customer. day
_MP_CODE41 beacons and international display types13 months
sbtThe purpose of this cookie is to identify and track the visitors of a website3 months

The Website uses the Google Universal Analytics service, provided by Google Inc (“Google”), which enables the analysis of navigation on these websites and the collection of audience statistics and measurements.

These cookies are deposited on and read by the user’s device and accessed as soon as the user accesses a website using the Google Universal Analytics service.

They contain certain data, such as:

  • the domain name of the visited site;
  • a user identifier;
  • the browser history on the website using the “Google Analytics” service;
  • your IP address, in order to determine the location of the connection. This data is immediately made anonymous following localization.

This data is transmitted and stored by Google, on servers located in the United States of America. Google entities are subscribed to Privacy Shield and ensure an adequate level of data protection.

To find out more information, the user can visit the following page:

To deactivate these cookies, you can visit the following page:

7. Information on the Website

When you visit the site, CODE41 informs you of the use of cookies which analyze your browsing in order to obtain statistics on clickstream data, visits to their sites, and the configuration type. Not modifying the parameters of your Internet browser after reading this notice is considered consent to the installation of said cookies.

Should you wish to refuse, there are several methods outlined below.

The user may configure their browser to accept or refuse cookies on a case by case basis prior to their installation. In addition, the user may also regularly delete cookies from their device via their browser.

To manage cookies and user choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of the browser being used, and allows the user to know how to modify their preferences in terms of cookies. For example:

  • for Internet Explorer™:;
  • for Safari™:;
  • for Chrome™:
  • for Firefox™:
  • for Opera™:

In any case, the user can visit their browser’s help section to find out how their browser allows them to choose which cookies are accepted or refused.

It follows from the above that the storage of a cookie in your device is principally subject to your will, which you can express and modify at any moment and free of charge through the choices offered to you by your browser software.

If your browser is configured to accept cookies in your device, the cookies built in to the pages and content that you have browsed may be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your device. There they will only be readable by their sender.

Conversely, you can configure your browser to refuse cookies. In that respect, your attention is drawn to the fact that by configuring your browser to refuse cookies, certain functions, pages and website areas may not be accessible, for which the publisher will not be held responsible.

We also draw the user’s attention to the fact that, when the user opposes the installation or use of a cookie, a refusal cookie may be installed on your device. Moreover, if the refusal cookie is deleted, it will no longer be possible to identify the user as having refused the use of cookies.

Do not forget to configure all of the browsers on your different devices (tablets, smartphones, computers…).

  1. Managing marketing cookies
    You will find more information on behavioral advertising and on the protection of your private life on the Internet at the following address: , and will thus be able to know which subscribed companies offer the possibility to refuse or accept the cookies used by said companies to adapt advertisements likely to be displayed on your device to your browsing data.

The cookie installed in the event of the use of sharing buttons is also including in this platform.

Be aware: a cookie is required to take into account your will. If you delete all of the cookies installed on your device (via your browser), we or our service providers will not know that you have chosen this option.

9. For more information

For more information on cookies, you can visit the CNIL website at this address: